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Weekend Link Love – Edition 113

You may know I’m not a huge fan of pointless stretching [1]. Apparently the NY Times doesn’t see what all the fuss over stretching [2] is about either.

Sorry about the unavoidable price hike, Aussies, but I had to smile when I found out egg farmers can’t keep up with the rapidly growing demand for eggs in Australia [3]. To all my readers Down Under causing that shortage, Grok on!

Love the title of this video, “My Morning Run [4].”

And if you’re tired of all that parkour, here’s a different style of acrobatics from India [5].

Not sure whether to do high reps at low weight or low reps at high weight? LeanGains rounds up several opinions on the rep question [6]. Feel free to chime in with your own.

Weirdness from Wired: Apparently folks are making whisky from urine [7].

If you’re a DIY person, you might enjoy DIY Strength’s DIY clubs [8].

And finally, reader Kristie sent in this photo [9] of an ad she found for Ritz Crackerfuls. The ad invites you to “Snack on real food.” But the ingredients list [10] tells a slightly different story. As Kristie points out, beyond the artificial coloring and flavoring and the HFCS, the label lists, “Palm and/or Soybean and/or Canola oil.” So what, the lab technicians who engineered this product aren’t even sure what type of oil they used? I suppose Crackerfuls are real in the sense that they weren’t conjured by imagination from the feasting tables of Never Neverland, but I honestly can’t think of a less real snack to compare it to.

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Pre Challenge contest!? Right outside my door? It’s so beautiful! It’s almost a TRIPLE contest. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?

Tom [15] from The Primal Blueprint Challenge Begins September 7 [16]