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Weekend Link Love

In case you missed it on the side bar, Cavegirl got a new tattoo! [1] You might recognize it…

Being cheap can cost you. The Huffington Post adds more insight into what most folks in the Primalsphere already know: saving a dollar at the grocery store can cost you three at the pharmacy [2].

First the double down, and now the chicken skin sandwich [3]? I’d bet a dollar KFC comes out with a bun made of fried potato wedges within the next six months.

If you’ve already mastered the standard plank [4], here’s a few more plank variations [5] from Conditioning Research.

McDonald’s truth in advertising [6]?

Have you had a chance to do last Monday’s WOW [7] yet? Primal Toad did, check out his WOW video here [8].

And finally, you went Primal, gave up corn, but now what will you do with all those spare cobs [9]?

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Two years ago (August 15 – 21)

Comment of the Week

My only criticism for the Work out of the Week is the abbreviation. WOW makes me think of something else entirely. Punch it into a google search engine. Imagine how confused people will be if they go to a site like ‘wowhead’. Perhaps if you mix in punching some night elves in the face it would be all good. Thanks for the workout Mark, going to do this one today in 95+ 95% humidity! (I keep telling people the humidity is good for the skin!)

Mike Wootini [15] from Workout of the Week (WOW) [7]