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The 30-Day Challenge has ended. So much amazing reader content was sent in that I’ve created a permanent challenge page where you can see contest results and all the wonderful submissions. And remember, you still have until 9:00 a.m. to vote on your favorite Grokfeast. Do it now if you haven’t already!

It’s not too late to enter my final contest or get your free Grok tattoo. My Grok tat is hip, though maybe not quite as hip as this.

A big shout out to reader Henry for finding this incredible study on Hunter-Gatherer longevity (PDF).

The HFCS drama continues. First it just wanted to be like all the other sugars. Now it wants to change it’s name. Next it’ll probably go through an emo-goth phase. David Katz chronicles HFCS’s ongoing identity crisis.

Speaking of sugar drama, say what you will about Michael Bloomberg, but the man will not give up his war against soda. We’re currently watching round two of the food stamp slap down.

Hope Bourne is dead. But after reading her obituary in the Telegraph, it sounds like she did one Hell of a job of living.

Almost there… we just need to put these in a bread bowl, top them with croutons, and then they’ll be perfect for young eaters!

Kit Perkins went Primal two months ago. Fair warning, ladies: Swooning may occur after viewing his abtastic results.

I’m all for fighting childhood obesity, but wow, this is one extreme PSA

Add Paper-Feet to your list of minimalist footwear.

Speaking of which: Play-Doh Vibrams.

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Comments of the Week

While these are technically reader emails, I still wanted to share…


I work at a high school and the wood shop kids put my desk on stilts!!!



I hope it accidentally converts someone…

I just found it. I did not do it.


I hope so too, Roland. Same goes for the Amazon list of best low-fat cookbooks.

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