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Weekend Link Love – Edition 11

Need to shore up your emergency preparedness plans? Blogger Cranky Fitness has a how-to-guide that will cover just about every disaster possible [1]!

As if you needed more proof that BMI measures are inaccurate, Dr. Briffa profiles two studies released this week showing you exactly why you shouldn’t get hung up on the numbers [2].

HealthBolt profiles the benefits of flossing [3]…especially for the guys.

Everyone might be talking about Michael Phelps’ Olympic records, but Junkfood Science gets the real scoop on his INSANE diet [4].

Thought folate was just for the pregnant women? Laurel on Health Food directs us to a new study that suggests maybe men should up the folate ante if they’re looking to become a daddy [5]!

Modern Forager this week posted a multi-part series analyzing the effects of fasting on the body in terms of energy production, hormones and inflammation [6]. It’s a must read for every cave man considering taking a break from the chow.

That’s Fit profiles the British edition of Men’s Health “7 deadly signs” that a mystery ailment [7] may actually be the start of a potentially serious health problem.

The Office Diet profiles six “innovative” devices designed to make dieting at your desk just that little bit easier [8] (or weirder… you decide!)

The Ririan Project examines the signs, symptoms and dangers of overtraining [9].