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Weekend Link Love

Fast foods and statins, together at last [1]. What won’t they think of next?

It’s funny because it’s sad. Or maybe it’s funny because it’s scary. Either way, I laughed out loud when I found out about little televisions being installed in grocery stores right next to foods to be advertised [2]. Does anyone get the creepy feeling we’ll see a day where instead of snapping, crackling, and popping, Rice Krispies will actually shout, “Buy more!” in the mouths of pre-diabetic children at breakfast tables across America?

Already mastered the standard pullup [3]? Al Kavadlo ads a few pullup variations [4] to the mix. And by a few, I mean about 20.

We have the technology. We have the capability to build a bionic steak. Better, faster, stronger. Seriously though, this science of cooking video [5] is really wild. It’s long, but if you make it through, feel free to discuss whether the techniques could be used for good, for evil, or both. (thanks, Lucas!)

For all the Primal chefs out there (both newbies and artisans), Cheeseslave is hosting a 13 week online cooking course [6] that will have you grilling, braising, and shucking like a pro.

A barefoot marathon? John Durant rounds up the media on Chris McDougal’s organized 8 mile barefoot run through NYC [7].

And finally, I’m a fan of meat, but I just don’t know… [8]

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Comment of the Week

I always envision a toddler in a diaper squatting down to pick a Cheerio up off the ground โ€“ they have the most natural squat that makes sense to me. I then employ the same simple movement, although I donโ€™t tend to pick up and eat food from the floor. ๐Ÿ™‚

-Beth from How-To: Proper Squat Technique [14]