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Weekend Link Love

If you’ve seen all my header photos, you’ve probably surmised that I enjoy stand-up paddle boarding. According to the Wall Street Journal, I’m not the only one [8].

Richard Nikoley just got back from MovNat, and so did Melissa McEwan! Read about Melissa’s adventure [9], and then read all five parts of Richard’s (part 1 [10], 2 [11], 3 [12], 4 [13], and 5 [14]).

For those of you who had fun building your own protein bar over at YouBars [15], you’ll probably enjoy SlantShack, which lets you build your own beef jerky [16].

Ready for some inspiration? Watch Veronica Garza‘s story about overcoming an autoimmune disease [17] through lifestyle habits.

Ready for more inspiration? Read J.D. Moyer‘s story about overcoming asthma [18] through lifestyle habits.

Ready for even more inspiration? Read how you can overcome depression [19] through lifestyle habits. That’s right, even The Guardian is starting to go Primal.

And finally, as Healthcare Epistemocrat discovers, job interviews haven’t changed much in tens of thousands of years [20].

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Comment of the Week

I don’t know about all of this, Mark. As an arbitrary spot, I don’t think I would feel safe seeing a bunch of humans sneaking up on me. Especially since I can’t move…

Arbitrary Spot from 5 More Ways to Playfully Mimic a Persistence Hunt [25]