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Happy 4th of July!

Here’s another grand slam from TED, chef Dan Barber talks about sustainability and his love affair with fish.

Do video games have a place in fitness? Son of Grok‘s answer may surprise you.

Because more than a dozen people emailed me about the article, it’s worth mentioning that orthorexia is back in the news and is predictably being misinterpreted by pundits. While I covered the subject over a year ago, I’ll go ahead and say it again: Choosing healthy foods is not a mental disorder, but refusing to eat because of impossibly high standards is.

Leg of lamb? Psheh. Eat this.

Drugs in animals… Apparently not such a great thing. The FDA finally takes a step in the right direction by urging less antibiotics in meat.

In super serious news, Pay Now Live Later discovers the secret to the tape worm diet is all in the training…

I’ve poked fun at Gwyneth’s diet and exercise choices in the past, but this is actually kind of sad. She may be in the early stages of osteopenia. On the bright side, this news might spur Gwyneth fans to get more D!

And finally, the layers of meaning are just baked into this photo.

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Comment of the Week

Recently I made a buckwheat pillow and I’ve been sleeping way better since. It is really firm but it basically contours exactly to how you want it. Oddly, when I wake up the pillow usually has only like a couple inches of thickness so maybe the thinner the better or something along those lines. All I know is I used to wake up with neck problems and they seemingly have disappeared since.

-Jerry from Does it Matter How Grok Slept?

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