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Weekend Link Love

Posted By Mark Sisson On June 27, 2010 @ 10:03 am In Health | 37 Comments

From Live Science, scientists have engineered a new kind of vegetable oil [7]. Apparently you can put it in your body or in your car. Those are pretty much the same, right?

As American as squeezable cheese and marshmallow fluff… Take a tour of the American ethnic section. [8]

Does fasting play tricks on the mind? Yes, yes it does. But in a good way. Read this PubMed abstract about short term fasting and neuronal autophagy [9].

Richard Nikoley doesn’t care too much for Vibrams. Before you shake your bare-toed foot-fist in anger, read Richard’s opinion of Vibram alternatives [10].

The Biggest Loser loses support as contestant Kai Hibbard speaks out on CBS News about some of the unhealthy conditions on the show [11]. Surprise, surprise.

I’ve linked to Suicide Food [12] before, but this Flickr Group steps up the cannibalism [13].

For the constant baconnist… bacon camp [14].

Uh….too much vitamin D [15]?

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Time Capsule

One year ago (June 20 – 26)

  • The Definitive Guide to Play [20] – Everything you need to know about one of the most important, yet often overlooked, Primal Blueprint laws.
  • The Primal Blueprint Guide to Dining Out [21] – Sometimes McDonald’s happens. When it does, be prepared, know what to order, and what to avoid to get the most out of the worst American eating joints.

Comment of the Week

1 tbsp baking soda, mix with 1 cup water, pour through your hair and then rub around a bit. Rinse with warm water. Baking soda seems to get rid of any smells. You can rinse with apple cider vinegar (again I do 1tbsp per cup water).

Kat [22] from Pooh-Poohing the ‘Poo [23]

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