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Weekend Link Love

More proof of the pudding: Reader Adam just won his neighborhood fitness contest by dropping half his body fat living Primally [1].

Because sometimes you just need to break Primal Law #9, go ahead and join the Warrior Dash [2]. Just remember to stop, drop, and roll if you catch on fire.

Remember, pizza counts as a required bread and a required veggie. Mrs. Q has decided to spend a year eating school lunch. Check out her blog, Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project, where she posts Children’s Food Bill of Rights [3], ridiculous meals [4], and ideas for improvement [5].

Quick! What does “Loren Cordain” rhyme with?! That’s right, Primal Chat wrote a Primal Poem [6].

Burger Cordon Bleu? Forum user Rivvin [7] dug up a ridiculous treasure this week called Stufz [8]. Seems this device could also be used for a modest amount of pranking at the family barbecue.

Forget Skittles. Taste this [9] rainbow.

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Comment of the Week

I just heard on Super Human Radio last week that vitamin D is also a precursor to testosterone production in males. I don’t know all the science behind that but I’ll take more test anyway I can get it!

-Farley on Vitamin D: Loose Ends [14]