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If you’re trying to introduce your friends to the concept of Primal living or controlling your own gene expression, my recent TV news interview might do the trick.

Bottled water… I swear our children will look back on the bottled water craze and compare it to the 1950’s logic of children hiding under desks for nuclear bomb drills. This bottled water video just about sums it up.

The Weston A. Price Foundation gets bloody. Specifically, they compare live blood tests of people eating WAPF diet (low sugar, lots of healthy fat) to blood tests of people eating the Standard American Diet. Read the results.

You’ve seen base jumping, but have you ever seen base jumping this wet?

At root, we’re still hunters.” Spencer Wells telling it like it is on the other side of the pond.

And finally, does it protect from both UVA and UVB?

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One year ago (June 6 – 12)

  • How to Tell Friends About the Primal Lifestyle – Not sure what to say to folks who give you a funny look when they see you slamming down fatty foods? This post includes a printout, an actual PDF file you can print and hand them, introducing them to the world of the modern Grok.
  • Primal Blueprint Success Story: More Like Grok – Sterling Purdy is one of the original Grok stars. He has come a long way way in a year – which you can read about on his own blog, Sterling Advice. This post is his original, published success story.

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I just rode a Sportive – 81 miles, and I rode hard, 6,000 ft climbing and clocked 4:24 (average heart rate 80-85% of max) – around 10 g of carb from raw fruit/nut bars an hour with water and electrolyte salts … the longer you train low carb the more efficient your body becomes. And breakfast was eggs and bacon with some full fat Greek yog and berries with a teaspoon of clear honey :-) … carb loading – who needs it!…

Kelda on Dear Mark: The Low Carb Flu

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