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You Know It’s Bad When the Government Sues You

Keeping you updated on the latest important health news this week:New York Sues Merck [1]

After doling out millions for the disaster that is Vioxx, New York is suing the pharmaceutical giant Merck. Bottom line: don’t expect the government (read: FDA) to do much about dangerous drugs until there’s a good lawsuit to be had.

“Merck’s irresponsible and duplicitous conduct endangered the health of New Yorkers and wasted our tax dollars,” Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said.

Smart Device for Stupid Problems [2]

CardioChek is a cutting edge device that makes testing for heart disease markers like cholesterol incredibly easy. While the gadget is brilliant (it even measures glucose), the shame is that lifestyle changes could generally rectify health problems such as high LDL cholesterol and inflammation (both are factors in heart disease).

Miss Frasier? [3]

The new 60 Second Psych is a popular podcast you can connect to via iTunes or Scientific American. The lively Thursday snippets feature fascinating insights into psychology and neurology.

The Mozart Myth [4]

Scientists have debated the merits of the Mozart Effect for years. The myth holds that exposing babies to classical music increases their intelligence and academic performance. Unfortunately, mythology owns this one. The best way to improve your child’s intelligence is to give them active engagement in challenging activities, such as playing an instrument. Passive input does nothing.

China Settles on Happy Face for PR Campaign [5]

In order to combat overwhelming safety criticisms in recent months, China has tried out a variety of publicity approaches. The We Are Officially Downplaying This didn’t go so well. Next up was Bashing American Products. That one didn’t fly, either (to be fair, they did make a decent case). The newest campaign, in which Chinese officials are Super Happy and Smiling Glibly, appears to be the final answer.

Few Know About Common Heart Threat [6]

Peripheral Arterial Disease – a disease of the legs – is all too common in the sedentary U.S. of A. But few Americans are aware of the disease at all. The disease is usually preventable with a few sessions of exercise every week. Unfortunately, our attitude towards exercise is that of a chore, rather than a necessity (such as brushing your teeth or drinking water). Your body wants to be used, but few listen to the body’s signals (PAD, Restless Legs, aches and pains).

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