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July 23, 2007

Perspective and Priorities

By Sara

PUR ridiculousness!

– via Strange New Products

When it comes to water, we really need more options. It’s not enough that we have potable, low-cost drinking water at our convenient disposal. We still can’t seem to appreciate it, let alone drink it. That’s why there’s PUR Flavor Options. With the press of a button, delicious, sugar-free raspberry, peach or strawberry water is yours! Why, how delightful! A flavor cartridge is only 10 dollars and fits conveniently into your existing PUR filtration system. You can enjoy as many as 75 glasses of flavored water. Buy all three for only 30 dollars and enjoy hundreds of glasses of flavored water all month long! Just think how much more water your family will drink now that it’s not boring anymore. Think of the monotonous, life-sucking agony you will avert when you no longer have to drink virtually free, pure, clean water.

You know what else only costs 30 dollars?

Saving the life of an actual child.

One-fifth of the world’s population does not have access to drinkable water.

4,500 children die every day from lack of drinkable water. And over 2 million people die every year because of poor quality water or dehydration. Every seven minutes, a child dies from dehydration.

Here are some water facts. Here are some more. It breaks my heart that we have such a bloated sense of ennui we actually think we deserve things like PUR flavored water. Sure, it’s not “our fault” that pain and suffering exist. And we all need enjoyment and variety. I guess.

But we don’t need bottled water in this country. We don’t really even need filtered water, let alone flavored filtered water. And we don’t need to spend 2 bucks a pop on Ethos Water to help dying children – we need to drink from the tap and send that 2 bucks to Africa. I’m sure the Ethos people are nice and I bet they really enjoy their private jets and yachts, which is wonderful, but we can all do a lot better. We could use a little horrifying.

Just a thought. Donate here. Or here.

6/27/07 EDITOR’S UPDATE: Aquafina, bite us.

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10 years 25 days ago

The lack of drinkable water for all people is entirely unacceptable given the advancement of mass communications of today. But, I guess we here in America have become willfully ignorant/ gotten used to spending 8 times more on defense than the runner up on weapons spending. Imagine the good that could be done if we took a piece of that money and spent on food and water for the world. We could feed and cloth this world, not one child truly, left behind.

10 years 24 days ago

I think the more we look the more we are going to find these sorts of comparisons. It’s unfortunate that we need to be shocked to act – and even then, we still don’t always act.

10 years 24 days ago

We (Americans) need to wake up. Places like Starbuck’s try and convince us we are saving the world by drinking $1.80 water that costs them $.30 to make -that includes the $.05 to charity… Celebrities tell us that we need to save the planet while they run around in jets…I can go on and on, but the bottom line is we are turning into a society of fat, lazy decadents who will care for there poor and helpless only enough to make themselves not feel guilty…which for some is not at all.

10 years 24 days ago

hey there Sara–how’s it going?

ethos water was purchased in 2005 by Starbucks for $8 million. Last year Starbuck’s signed a distribution agreement with Pepsi to increase distribution points from 5,000 to 100,000. When Starbuck’s reaches the $10 million donation goal, they will have made $292 million, while consumers will have spent $360 million…what a racket.

10 years 23 days ago

As long as there is the psychological gratification, it seems we don’t genuinely care.

8 years 9 months ago

Charity multplies misery. Why we should care for irresponsible Africans who breed like rabbits? We should give them back their culture and way of life so they will live the way they were intended to live.