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The Doctor Will See You Now

Slate has a great read on the interminable wait at the doctor’s office. And forget just trying to make an appointment. We’re living in a time when you can hop on a jet to Singapore or reserve the nicest table in town the same day – just try getting that kind of turnaround when you’ve got a kid with a fever or a nagging injury to deal with. We’re so used to hearing “The doctor is available in October”…when it’s July…that we don’t even stop to think about how ridiculous the situation is. It’s frustrating, but we deal with it. Why?

Despite the importance of a doctor’s visit over, say, a trip to the salon, operations management in medicine is among the worst of any industry. Head over to to Slate to read more [1]. There’s no special reason why medicine should lag behind in service like this – it’s purely operational dysfunction. In fact, some hospitals and private practices have already instituted better systems, meaning their patients can call in the morning and get an appointment the same day. These are the kind of efficient reforms that ought to be a no-brainer in arguably one of our most important, if not the most important, industries.

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