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Takin’ the Sting Out

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites:

Here’s the fresh mix, Apples! You sassy little things, you.

Food Police: Dangerously Close to a Sherlock Award

Since we’ve already so graciously awarded the CDC with our monthly MOTO, [1] the food police have narrowly escaped with dignity intact – for this month. Fresh from the fryer: they’re warning us that Chinese food is unhealthy [2].

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Hmm…is anyone really surprised to learn that a box of Chinese takeout [2] is not the cornucopia of health we’d like it to be?

Everyone Loves a Good Bribe!

Did you know that doctors routinely accept rewards [4] from pharmaceutical companies for pushing prescribing new drugs? Cheerful instant messages and pats on the back these rewards are not. We’re talking cold, hard cash, and lots of it. Best of all, most states don’t really have laws in place [4] to make sure this bidness gets disclosed.

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Myths of Health

And you were just getting your fillings replaced (someone call Ludacris, quick). Here are the web’s top health myths [6] that manage to persist in spite of all good sense.

Listen Up, Ladies

Another reason to admit that veggies are ‘licious [7].

Tasty Tip

Here’s an important, and easy, health tip [8] for keeping your weight loss goals on track.

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