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15 Jul

2 Minute Salad

Most readers here understand the concepts behind the Primal Blueprint, but some seem to be concerned about the amount of time it must take to prepare PB-style meals every day. Nothing could be further from the truth. My 4-egg breakfast or protein shake take but a few minutes. My evening lamb-chop or grass-fed porterhouse with steamed veggies is complete in under ten minutes. But my fastest meal is also my favorite (and probably healthiest). That, of course, is the “2-minute big-ass salad” I have every day. I’ll show you how easy it is to make in the following video. I’ve also done the analysis and it’s pretty impressive: 588 total calories. 37 grams of protein, 40 of fat and only 27 of carbs…and that’s probably my highest carb meal of the day!

Fitday Results

Click the image below to see a full-size version.

Fit Day Results

I plan on trying to do more videos in the future. If you have anything you would like me to address in video format hit me up with a comment.

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You want comments? We got comments:

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  1. Don’t refrigerate tomatoes!

    Patrick wrote on March 16th, 2011
  2. My husband and I also eat enormous salads as much as possible! I am into all kinds of lettuce and greens, arugula, watercress, frizee, spinach and more- all superfoods. I either make my own dressing, or use miso. I have lovely photos of my salads. My fave is rare grilled ahi on cabbage & lettuce with ginger wasabi miso dressing & sesame seeds.

    Lola Dee wrote on April 3rd, 2011
  3. is there a link available for the dressings?

    liese wrote on April 4th, 2011
  4. No way does this take 2 minutes. I wouldn’t have time to make this every day. The prep takes ages then there’s the chicken to cook then all the clearing up. A bit misleading actually……..

    Gem wrote on April 21st, 2011
  5. I have a big ass,

    esther wrote on June 8th, 2011
  6. Mark the Big Ass Salad is the way to go. I agree. More times than none, that’s what I have, I just tend to change my protein around, depending on what’s left over from dinner the night before or what’s available, i.e. tuna fish, salmon, some rotisserie chicken. Plus my wife makes my salad dressings too. There’s nothing like a homemade salad dressing. Mark quick suggestion though, it would be Awesome (Barney Stinson voice) if you made your videos, IPAD FRIENDLY. I know many of your followers like myself would appreciate it..

    Kermit R wrote on July 6th, 2011
  7. Snow peas are just a pod. There are no legumes in the pod. For those of you, who may have problems with cucumbers, I have been using zucchini slices as a substitute. Pine nuts are very expensive. Walnuts would be good on a salad.

    Michael wrote on July 12th, 2011
  8. On one of the old posts someone asked about the salad dressing mixer, I saw something at Starbucks that would work perfectly for this; it’s an instant ice tea mixer cup and it has propeller type blades at the bottom that gyrate and go up and down when you pump the pump handle on the cup. It looks like a 16 oz. cup so it’s a good size.

    NicoleG wrote on July 14th, 2011
  9. Easy, looks tasty, beautiful!

    And I want that kitchen. Refrigerated drawer *drool*. And that stove! *drool* X 100!

    Stickboy wrote on July 16th, 2011
  10. Instead of the “Big Ass” Salad…today I had a “Kick Ass” Salad!!! Or is it the Everything in the fridge salad…either way, IT ROCKED!

    Tonja P wrote on July 18th, 2011
  11. I had a massive salad for lunch today too! Avocado, mesculin salad, 4-different bell peppers, flax seeds, grape tomatoes, craisins (small amount), and organic goddess dressing from trader joes! YUMMM

    Morgan wrote on July 18th, 2011
  12. I love how you say “fats are our friend.” And that salad just made me hungry. Lots of good stuff on there–the pine nuts are a good touch. I have been using sunflower seeds. I love me some heir loom tomatoes as well.

    Jamison wrote on September 13th, 2011
  13. come you list snow peas in the salad? I always thought peas and beans were not allowed on the primal diet?. I may have to refresh my memory and reread some your book? Time to get my book back from my cousin

    William Braithwaite wrote on September 28th, 2011
  14. Is that a big-ass salad? Or, a big, ass-salad?

    Jeff Lebowski wrote on October 15th, 2011
  15. That salad is 63% Fat… and my idea of a big salad is at least 1 head of lettuce. This really isn’t a salad at all but a serving of meat and fat with a little bit of lettuce if you look at calo-nutrient ratio. I really believe recommending people eat a high fat, high protein diet will cause serious long term problems.

    Robert wrote on November 10th, 2011
    • No, I’ve done the math on this before. If you add a can of Coke and a large candy bar to the big ass salad, you are no longer eating “high fat”. Because “high fat” is measured as a percentage, so just adding a bunch of crappy carbs to it makes it no longer “high fat”.

      But it’s patently obvious that soda and candy does NOT make a healthier lunch than just a big pile of veggies and good protein nicely dressed with healthy oil.

      It’s the entire problem with looking at diet as percentages – it can result in stupidity.

      jpatti wrote on September 10th, 2013
  16. New to the site & read on your bio you believe in limited fruits, how is it that 6 of your 10 ingredients in your fastest, favorite and healthiest meal of the day… are fruits?

    VV wrote on November 13th, 2011
  17. The good thing about salad is you can have as much as you want. For those of us that love to eat and hate to cook, the video has great tips.

    Clara wrote on December 17th, 2011
  18. I’m a vegetarian, so we drop the dead chicken (it never did anything to us).

    We replace the chicken with Chinese Mock Duck (which is mostly wheat gluten… semi-bad) sliced finely, coated in a mixture of vegetable stock powder and cayenne pepper and fried in coconut oil, it’s awesome. You could also coat some tempeh in spices, salt and pepper and fry those babies to a crisp without worrying about the dreaded phyto-oestrogens.

    The other way to change things up (that that Mark has mentioned elsewhere, but didn’t mention in the video) is to change the dressings. Add some Sesame Oil, maybe a little chili… Mark’s sensational strawberry vinaigrette.

    Put some fresh baby herbs (coriander leaf [cilantro, for Americans], basil, mint) picked straight from a grow-tub into the mix – add some toasted garlic or shallots for crunch (and maybe some roasted crushed peanuts – why the hell not).

    GT wrote on January 21st, 2012

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