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November 17, 2006

Tuno? My Money’s on Mocky-Mahi Next

By Mark Sisson

Why eat tuna when you could eat…Tuno? That’s what Peta is hoping you’ll want to do. They offer 10 reasons to eschew eating all our dear fish friends, from tuna to salmon (here’s the clickativity).

In actuality, they offer two reasons, five different ways (human health, fish feel pain). I get a little peeved by this kind of repetitive illogic. Just make your two reasons convincing!

That said, I don’t really have anything against Peta, or against vegetarians. My wife and son have both tried vegetarianism in different forms over the years. I’ve never really understood the people who have an actual problem with vegetarians’ motives. While I personally believe eating fish and meat is healthy and natural, and I think Tuno is just plain ridiculous, I’m stumped by the anger I see at times. Call vegetarianism sentimental or unnatural if you like, but think about it: “I’m gonna get really riled up about the fact that you’re trying to be…nice.” I just don’t see how vegheads are threatening, but then, I also know real men aren’t afraid of salad.

As far as Tuno is concerned, I do want to suggest that you avoid mock-meats or faux-fish in whatever latest incarnation you see. While mercury toxicity is a concern if you eat a lot of fish, particularly tropical-water fish, let’s think about the alternatives being prescribed. Eating a processed soy- or grain-based artificial food is hardly a reasonable alternative.

Here’s an incredibly easy rule of thumb: did the food start this way? An apple started as an apple. A filet of fish started as fish. Foods people typically think are “healthy”, such as fruit leather, protein bars, and now Tuno, really aren’t much better for you than what you’d find in your local middle school vending machine (now there’s another peeve!). Though there are a few exceptions, I will say that any food that is highly-processed and generally unrecognizable from where it started is not fuel fit for consumption. Really.

Sushi Yum!

Two easy solutions to the mercury concerns:

1) Eat mostly cold-water fish, such as Alaskan salmon and Arctic cod.

2) Supplement with an Rx-quality, filtered fish oil.

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Matt Forrester
Matt Forrester
7 years 5 months ago
Well I couldn’t agree more. I like what PETA is trying to do overall btu their methods don’t make a lot of sense (well some of their reasoning doesn’t either). Humans are animals and animals eat animals, it’s what we do. Thats the circle of life (thanks Elton) and by eating natural, unprocessed fish, beef, etc we allow ourselves to continue the natural process of selection and our species has flourished b/c of it. We’ve evolved for millions of years off this practice and never worried about fish’ feelings or emotional well being before. What I do agree with though… Read more »
Primal Toad
6 years 1 month ago

I had no idea there was an imitation tuna product… what has this world come to? Are we that stupid?

5 years 6 months ago

I personaly do have a lot against PETA.
They put down almost all of the companion animals that they “rescue” In 2010 for example they put down 93 percent of pets regardless of health.