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Top Secret Nutritional Info Released, Award Given

This week’s award goes to Chili’s for something unusual they have included on their menu [1]. We aren’t about to suggest you go out and order their baby back ribs with a side of cheesecake. What we are excited about is that they actually list nutritional information for some of their entrees right on the menu. In the “Guiltless Grill” section they list calories, total carbs, total fat, saturated fat, and fiber for each item. Now if we could only persuade them to make the nutritional facts for the rest of their menu items as accessible. “Fat chance,” you say? Well, we won’t hold our breath, but we would love to see this kind of openness become a trend at all major restaurants. As long as the purveyors of food make it difficult [2] to access nutritional info for their menu items, we can only assume they have something to hide. I don’t know about you, but I’m not too keen on eating food from an establishment that has something to hide.

What do you think?

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