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This is Just the Beginning

Posted By Mark Sisson On September 1, 2009 @ 9:43 am In Health Challenges,Videos | 270 Comments

Special Offer

I’m convinced that supplementation with a daily multi-vitamin-antioxidant complex and (Omega 3) fish oil is a crucial part of living a healthy Primal life in our 21st century¬†world. As I’ve explained in the past [7], Grok may not have taken supplements but I believe we should. Why? Because the world we’ve created conspires at every turn to make us look and feel old, ill, and weak. We all try to eat right, get regular exercise and control stress. But despite our best efforts we often don’t get enough sun, we stress about bills, traffic and the economy, we don’t always get enough sleep or the right exercise, we breathe polluted air, we don’t always eat as we should, and when we do, even the best natural foods are not as abundant in important micronutrients as they once were. Some of the most critical nutrients are missing entirely – and it’s only getting worse as the commercialization of food continues to spiral out of control. That’s why I created Primal Nutrition [8] over 12 years ago; to fill the gap between what was largely unavailable in my diet and what I knew my family and I needed to maximize health.

So to mark the end of the Primal Blueprint Health Challenge [9] and to thank you for all of your support and participation I’ve put together a special package for you. If you call to receive Damage Control Master Formula [10] (my best-selling vitamin-antioxidant system for over ten years) on a monthly basis you’ll receive a free bottle of Vital Omegas [11] (high-potency omega-3 fish oil capsules) every month in addition to a single free canister of Responsibly Slim [12] (a sensible high-protein meal replacement for those times when eating perfectly Primal isn’t easy) in either Dutch Chocolate or Vanilla Creme and a free Grok On! T-shirt [13].

I rarely hold specials like this and this particular offer only lasts 72 hours. It isn’t available online, so call the Worker Bees at 888-774-6259, mention this offer, and place your order today.

P.S. If you are looking for a more entry-level or beginners formula I also have the Advanced Health Formula [14] and Basic Assurance [15]. Call 888-774-6259 and one of the Worker Bees will set you up with a formula that works best for you.

Future Contests

As I mentioned in the video, those contests [16] were so darn fun we’re going to continue doing them. For the foreseeable future I’m going to be holding contests for Primal Blueprint Fitness Videos [17], Primal Blueprint Recipe Videos [18] and Primal Blueprint Real Life Stories [19]. Click here [20] for all the details.

Check back later today to vote for the winner of the Primal Blueprint Fitness Video contest. Grok on!

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