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I’m a Captain in the Army National Guard, so I have been exercising daily for many years (and chronic cardio as well…). I have read your book and have been following your blog for a few months, and I just wanted to say thanks! I have kept a primal kitchen since April, and I have lost 30lbs, dropped body fat, and feel so much better! I am doing the barfoot sprinting thing (with vibram five-fingers) and absolutely love the way I look now. Everyone thinks I’ve turned into a health nut! but I haven’t. I have just changed my diet and my normal “5 mile jog, 3x a week” into regular long evening walks and a sprint workout once every week or two. I still love the gym, but I don’t need to go as often to feel like I am maintaining my fitness. Thank you so much for writing! Your work is appreciated by me, and my girlfriend.

From the post I put on the fanpage:

2 months and down 15+ pounds. I wish I’d had this info 4 years ago. I have struggled that long to get off the “baby Weight” from my last pregnancy at 39 yrs old. Best part- no more headaches (daily and sometimes migrainal) !!! I love it!

In 4 weeks, I dropped 20 pounds and 4″ off my waist. Caliper measured body fat dropped almost 7%, lean mass increased by 5 pounds. I had a very hard time making it through a cross-fit or Krav Maga workout for the first 3 weeks and then (as documented), my energy came back. Now for the next 20…

I’ve been a health-nut and workout fiend for years (you know, chronic cardio and whole grains) and this is the first time I’ve seen serious results and truly enjoyed my food and workouts! 10 pounds down and some serious muscle tone (triceps on a chick!!) Grok on!!

I’m asked almost daily “what are you doing”…. Well, I’m running slower (except on sprints day), and shorter distances, eating better quality food, and lifting heavy things… I don’t own a scale but at my last physical the doc said I dropped 30 lbs… I’ve settled in to a comfortable 80/20 and am very happy with my progress and results. Ask me how many pull ups I can do

Been Primal since January of this year. Reading the Primal Blueprint was probably one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I’ve dropped 35 pounds. Do CrossFit 4 – 5 times a week (and love it!), and am loving my life. Interesting thing with the food choices, is that I no longer have to think about what I “can or can not have”. All the food I now find appealing is Primal. Bread, rice, pasta, grains, sugar, etc.. just don’t even register with me as food anymore! Thanks, Mark!

I used to eat Snickers for lunch! Now I am 2 1/2 months free of all that. I have always been small so I thought it didn’t matter how I ate. I didn’t realize how unhealthy I was. I still have a long way to go but I have been feeling so great. No sinus headaches, no lower back pain, even my gum tissue feels great! I just thought all that stuff came after age 40- I was so wrong!

I started out on a Paleo-ish diet nearly 2 years ago, then did the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for a year, and now I’ve been following a Primal life since February. I turned my life around with these changes. Before making changes, I spent… every day in a flu-like haze, with chronic exhaustion, depression, hypoglycemia, and diarrhea (and gluten intolerance or perhaps celiac, as it turns out). I felt sorry for anyone who spent time with me since I expelled so much gas! :-) I had been a vegan or vegetarian for years and I finally had to admit to myself it wasn’t working, even when I was a gluten-free vegetarian. I returned to meat and quickly dropped the remaining grains and legumes, since my digestion was still in poor shape with those foods in my diet. I’m a new person–no gas, digestion nearly always fabulous, better moods, more energy, and increased happiness. What’s not to like? Most of my changes have been diet-related but I try to keep the other Primal Blueprint laws in mind too.

Started on the paleo path now fully converted to Primal! My husband who has always been a little wary told me he’d try it for 2 days (lol I know huge effort) I’m sure he didn’t think he’d feel any different but after 2 days he’s hooked. He has had all sorts of food issues including being highly allergic to any seafood. By evening he would always have a red glow around his face and feel his core temp was hot. He now has none of these feelings and can’t believe the difference.

Figuring out chronic disease, fatigue etc where all related to eating foods we didn’t evolve to eat has been a game changer for me. Finding the Primal Blueprint and Marks Daily Apple has really simplified things – kind of an ah ha moment.



You newsletter article today was fantastic and very timely for me. I’m 42, husband, father, executive, recovering perfectionist, and until a month ago a Ken Korg Klone. I bought your book, and have been living the Primal Blueprint for 4 weeks with fantastic results. I am down 7 pounds, I can bound up a flight of stairs and still be able to speak at the top, and I haven’t eaten a “Tums” in a month.

This weekend I was out to dinner with my kids (9 & 7) while my wife was out with friends. We went somewhere nice so I could get some good choices and after a great Halibut dinner, the three of us went for ice cream. I had a small sundae (1st ice cream in a month after eating it almost everyday). I felt all the guilt and mania you describe in the newsletter. The next day I did my LHT workout and took a long walk, and you what happened – Nothing!

I didn’t put on the 7 pounds I lost, I did not have to eat a handful of Tums, I got a great night’s sleep, and felt great the next day. I don’t plan on making a habit out of ice cream again, and with the great insight of today’s newsletter, I also don’t plan on stressing out over the occasional indulgence.



From high school to now (over 20 years), I’ve gotten migraines at least once a month. I was fairly certain that hormones were the cause, because the migraines always hit during my period, and they stopped completely while I was pregnant.

But in the 7 weeks since I began eating at least 80% Primally, I have not had a single migraine, and I am beyond grateful. If I never have to scramble for a dose of Imitrex again, I will be a very happy woman.


Primal Blueprint

Dear Mark, thanks for changing my life! Weight lose has been great (12 pounds in five weeks) but that wasn’t what intriged me about this lifestyle. In the book you talked about being fatigued on the standard American diet. Even when I was in very good shape I would have massive lack of energy spells during the early afternoon. They were debilitating. My doctor has given me a few different presciption stimulants over the years but even they didn’t help. Since I went primal I haven’t had a single energy drop. If I got nothing else from living this way this one improvement would make it all worthwhile. Thanks


Classic case- amateur IM athlete- I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle, yet was robbing untold hours from my family and life in general for the last 25 years. 4 months ago I read PB and decided to adopt the lifestyle as much as possible (and replace triathlons with more play time with my kids including tennis, golf and skiing).

WOW! Since reading PB I have reduced training from my avg. 7 hours/wk (and it was even more when training for a race) to a total of 72 minutes per week, weights and cardio combined, with superb results.

Workout– As a trial, I targeted 3 sessions of weights and 3 sessions of cardio per week. The 3 weight sessions are 15 minutes each (not a second more, as a matter of principle during the trial) following recommended PB lifting. The 3 cardio sessions are 2 sessions of tabata (6 mins) on elliptical or bike and 1 session of running sprints (8 x 15 sec with 45-60 second recovery- total 10 minutes).

Diet– following PB as closely as possible, without obsessing. I would rate my adherence at 90-95%, gobbling the occasional ice cream or bowl of pasta once every 2 weeks. I have 85% chocolate squares (2-3) most days and an abundance of veggies, meats, fish, fowl, berries/fruits, nuts, seeds and- I love dairy so probably more yogurt, cream and cheese than is recommended in PB. I have a beer or a glass of wine almost every day. I was addicted to sweets, and while I still appreciate sweet flavors, the compulsion and cravings are GONE.

Results– Better than I could have ever hoped for: body fat ranging from 6-7.5%, six pack abs, amazing muscle definition, stable energy levels and renewed confidence. I turned 49 this month, and I have never had a body like this, not even as an IM triathlete. My teenage daughters kid me that I can moonlight as an Abercrombie model :-) But how about clinical….? I just got my blood profile results (drum roll….) my cholesterol levels are excellent and my triglycerides are those of a vegetarian! All while eating eggs, bacon, steak, butter and cream galore. We just returned from 30 days on the road and though my workouts suffered, my body comp remained almost the same because I adhered to proper nutrition while travelling.

But the most rewarding gift I have received from PB is the gift of time. My first triathlon was in 1984 and I followed that mentality for most of the last 25 years. Now with PB, I get better results and better health with 72 minutes a week than I ever did with 7 hours+ per week. So if I get a minimum of 6 hours a week more time for my family and personal life, I look forward to 12,480 hours of quality time over the next 40 years that I would have wasted! I cannot thank you enough. Now my goal is to improve the health of many of my loved ones who are unknowingly poisoning and abusing their bodies.

Thank you Mark!

Mike McCrory – Lake Como, Italy

Hi Mark!

Last week I sent you an email with before and afters of my husband and myself after we had been primal for 5 months and have lost a combined total of 80 pounds.

Today I wanted to share the blood work I just got back! Four months ago I tested my cholesterol, and just yesterday I got it tested again:

Total Cholesterol before: 181
Total Cholesterol now: 145

Triglycerides before: 106
Triglycerides now: 53

HDL (good) Cholesterol before: 43
HDL (good) Cholesterol now: 45

VLDL Cholesterol before: 21
VLDL Cholesterol now: 11

LDL (bad) Cholesterol before: 117
LDL (bad) Cholesterol now: 89

My husband is blown away. He wants to have his tested now. Who knew that steady diet of cholesterol laden eggs and fatty meats can make your blood lipids GO DOWN! Woohoo!!

Sonia Yaksich

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