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Sweetened Straws & Treadmill Desks (You Can Stop Holding Your Breath Now)

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites:

The latest in health news, plus some very odd new products.

Life Causes Breast Cancer

Great. Just being alive and kicking [8] puts you at risk for breast cancer death (particularly if you are a woman in your forties). We are including this news because there is a silver lining to the polluted cloud we ingest and refer to as air. Here are tips to minimize the potential physical damage from air (and building) contaminants:

– Live as far as possible from freeways and major roads (even 100 feet is great).

– Live in either a really old building or a fairly new one.

– Don’t smoke.

– Eat at least 6 servings of vegetables daily, especially greens and colorful veggies.

– Exercise 3 times a week.

– Plant some trees in your yard if possible; and keep some plants in your pad.

– Consider an antioxidant supplement.

– If possible, shorten your commute so you aren’t sitting in car exhaust cocktails every day.

Introducing the Treadmill Desk

Finally, life is complete! The newest exercise machine [9] features a built-in computer desk. That’s right: multi-tasking is no longer sufficient; it’s all about omnipo-tasking. (We’re holding out for the Blackberry that you can graft to your head with a glittery adhesive strip. Preferably strawberry-scented and available in your choice of five juicy colors.)

Do Not Tell the Fuming Fuji About This One!

Another amazing product [10] to undermine the health of the little seedlings: now milk comes with “sipahh straws” that are artificially pre-sweetened thanks to a lovely candy coating. Have any of you heard about this? They’re being used in McDonald’s Happy Meals. This way, kids will drink their milk!

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