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Sustainable Lifestyles: Green Living and Health

Over the last couple weeks I’ve had the pleasure to announce two PrimalCon [1] speakers: Maya White and Brad Kearns. As you may recall, Maya will be teaching PrimalCon participants how to sit, stand and walk like Grok [2], and Brad will be explaining how to apply the Primal Blueprint principles to endurance training [3]. Today I’m pleased to announce the 3rd of 4 PrimalCon speakers. Nicoletta Florio, green-living expert extraordinaire, will show attendees how living a sustainable, green life is not only what’s best for the earth, but also what is best for your health. If you’ve ever wondered whether the PB could be considered a “green” diet, whether the world over could feasibly adopt the PB eating patterns, or what sort of impact our dietary choices have on our health and the planet this session is for you. Read on to to learn more from Nikki in her own words…


During the past several years, sustainable products and services have gone from niche to mainstream. While there are several explanations for this, the most important reasons are for the improvement of environmental and personal health.

In every aspect of our lives, from the choice we make regarding what we eat, what we wear and drive, where we live, and more, we have an affect on both our personal physical being and the environment.

As Americans, we tend to think of these things – our bodies and the environment – as two separate entities, however, they are deeply connected. We are eating foods which, within the past several decades have been genetically altered, residing in buildings in which chemicals are constantly off-gassing, using technological tools that poison us with radiation and the list goes on. We are connected to these things because we live on the same Planet in which these things are made. From production to consumption, the lines of products that we use have had an impact on air/land and water systems. Many so toxic that they are coming back and affecting our health.

Green Living and Health is designed to introduce the guests of PrimalCon to information about how to live our lives in a healthier manner while decreasing our impact on an overburdened Planet. Topics related to health will include definitions, food, buildings, technology, travel and more. We will demonstrate that living sustainably will increase your health and well being while simultaneously being good to your wallet.

Nikki’s Bio

Nicoletta Florio is a 20 year resident of the Lake Tahoe region. After completing the teaching program at Sierra Nevada College she designed the Tahoe Regional Environmental Education (TREE) Program; a tri-branch program that focused on Natural Sciences and Green Living in the Sierras. During the past decade Nicoletta has educated thousands of students, community and business members regarding the benefits of living in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and has hosted Tahoe’s only fully integrated Organic Food and Green Building Expos.