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Staying Healthy and Fit in Different Lifestyles

Thanks to Andrew Rubalcava for this Guest Post! Andrew’s site Go Healthy Go Fit [1] is a newcomer in the health and fitness blogosphere having just started a couple months ago. Be sure to drop by and read Andrew’s interview of me [2] if you haven’t already.


Everyone has got a different schedule these days. Whether you’re a business person working 9 to 5, a college kid with a varying schedule, or anything in between, eating healthy and staying fit poses the same challenge to any lifestyle or schedule. On my site, Go Healthy Go Fit [1], I break up different lifestyles by categories [3] that encompass a certain type of schedule. This way you can identify what category best matches your current lifestyle and read about the tips. It’s just about tweaking it to fit your particular schedule. So here are a few helpful tips about staying Primal [4] in any lifestyle!

The Business Person

The great thing about having a 9 to 5 job is that it’s consistent. You can build a routine for yourself that allows you to maintain a healthy diet (i.e. getting all your fruits and vegetables, good fats [5] and lean protein). Here are a few points on how to stay healthy throughout the day.

As for staying fit, this may be easier than you might imagine. Only you are able to make the decision about when to go to the gym. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of your time at the office.

The College Kid

You can substitute blogger, business owner, or independent personal trainer in for this title. This category is basically for those of us whose schedule requires a self-starter mentality. We don’t necessarily have a set schedule, however, time can fly when you are constantly moving from one thing to another.

While the consistency for the 9 to 5’er is a plus, the inconsistency for those with dynamic schedules is also just as much of a plus (I always like to look on the bright side!).

Those are just a few tips to incorporate living a healthier, more Primal existence under different types of lifestyles. The key is to find out what works for you. I want to give a big thanks to Mark for asking me to write this guest post and to all of the faithful readers of MDA!! I look forward to hearing your comments on how you incorporate leading a healthy lifestyle into your schedule.

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