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6 Aug

The Hipster TV Tray

Hang it allJust what we need.

TV trays are back, but I think it’s obvious that the demographic these cool enablers are being aimed at was still in diapers at the time trays reigned supreme (so I’m old). I gotta ask: why do we need to make food convenient? Where are all the starving Americans?

Nearly three-quarters of Americans are overweight. Obesity is now the norm. Why the barrage of snacks, vending machines, on-the-go bars, fast food, couch arm-trays?

– via That’s Fit

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  1. I agree with the view of American eating habits, but this like saying the gun killed the person. I mean come on, the poor German company that made this is being responsible and showing tea and fruit on the product. They are not responsible for the American who uses it to hold his 2 liters of Coke and bag of chips. Beside most American wouldn’t buy it — too small. Now it covered the whole arm and had a place for a lager platter and maybe a fridge built-in…now we’re talking American sized… 😉

    Brian wrote on August 6th, 2007
  2. Interesting, but why no go all the way!

    Extra Wide Leather Seats, cup holders, Swivel Tables, and Buttshakers!

    Oxybeles wrote on August 6th, 2007
  3. Why the barrage of snacks? Simple, people will by junk if it is easily accessible. I think the crucial element that was left out was the fact the Americans are also lazy and and willfully ignorant when it come to healthy foods.

    Brett wrote on August 6th, 2007
  4. Brett,
    I do agree that Americans are lazy but stupid?
    I think we have finally started to gain some real ground when it comes to nutrition education. McDonald’s has finally started labeling nutrition facts on their products. I think this is a very positive step.

    cindy wrote on August 6th, 2007
  5. I’ve got to Join the party with Brian. Not sure that haute little product could hold a dominoes thick crust. Most people just use a coffee table, maybe we should relable the coffee table the beer-nachos table.

    I clicked the link of the picture, and there’s various shots of a silvery Hugh Jackman-type reading a paper (the style and culture section no doubt) next to his sofa hanger, which contains either peaches and tea, or tea and peaches depending on the pic. Elegance, refinement, I suggest we have the germans make more such products culturizing American eating habits. Let’s put the “love” back in “slovenly.” Let’s make a tea helmet (yes, like a beer helmet, except with two cups of tea attached to your head).

    McFly wrote on August 6th, 2007
  6. It looks like an accident waiting to happen on that white couch. No thanks.

    Crystal wrote on August 6th, 2007
  7. I agree that it’s not the tray’s “fault” but at the same time…this isn’t a good trend 😉

    Sara wrote on August 6th, 2007
  8. Crystal And Sara- “2” funny!

    I like the convenience of the remote control.
    A little less exercise not getting up to the T.V to flip channels. BUT, Mom always told me not to get too close to the T.V. So, it’s better on my eyes,Thanks Mom! I get my daily exercise anyway.

    Donna wrote on August 7th, 2007
  9. Brian, good point (no arguments from this conservative). But let’s get real…I highly doubt anyone is going to be putting an apple on that tray. Though I can hold out hope…

    Mark wrote on August 7th, 2007

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