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2 News Notes: Babies and Shoes Scopes

Let’s end the week on a cheery note. After all, it’s Christmas, and we can’t always be carb-hating scrooges, now can we? Well, actually, we can, but we loved these happy, unexpected health stories that came across our desk:

Babies Recognize Good Samaritans

A new and very thoroughly-conducted study [1] finds that infants inherently understand who the good Samaritans are – and they prefer them. It would seem we have a built-in moral compass deciphering good from bad, and long before we teach babies how to interpret human behavior through physical and verbal cues, they innately understand it. Aww, babies are awesome! Now if only society would stop teaching them to care about Bratz dolls and where they sit at the cafeteria table corral…

Reminder That Things Are Not As Bad As They Could Be

Remember when people got x-rays without protection? Remember when cavities were removed without Novocaine? Remember when people thought margarine was healthy? Remember when snake oil was sold on every corner, heroin was available from the druggist, and Coca-Cola contained cocaine?

Well, maybe you don’t, but we don’t have to get medieval – oh, the joy of leeches, blood-letting and the Four Humours – to remember just how far modern health care has come. Case in point: the Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope [2]. The Fluoroscope was a contraption that, as far as any sane human can assess, was a glorified x-ray tube encased in wood. Because a protective metal shield would just be silly! This handy, high intensity x-ray machine was popular throughout the 1930s and 1940s and was especially popular for use on children. Fantastic! There’s nothing like completely unprotected high-level radiation to get a good shoe fit. Why, just the other day we were bemoaning how difficult it is to find a proper fit when you don’t have a fluorescent imprint of the bones in your soon-to-be-cancerous foot.

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