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What Does a 410 Pound Weight Loss Really Look Like?

If this [1] doesn’t inspire, I don’t know what will. This young man went from being beached on his sofa at a whale of a weigh-in (630 pounds!) to a healthy, fit 220. I’ll spare you the most shocking pictures of his series of skin removal surgeries (click here [1] to see them all).

That said, it’s quite a state of affairs when we live in a country where this sort of thing occurs almost as a matter of routine. Odder still that there are surgeons expressly specializing in excess skin removal. (Pardon the inadvertent pun, but it’s a hugely risky procedure.) I for one am nothing short of perplexed: why don’t we have the proper infrastructure in place to prevent these increasingly common horror stories? Okay, I’m not really perplexed. But when you’ve got actual reality television shows devoted to obesity, it’s time to wake up, America.

Only in a country where:

1) health care is woefully lacking, outdated, and corrupt,

2) the deficient food supply services a miserable, stressed-out batch of blind lemmings just trying to cope,

3) and the government is too busy kissing Big Agra’s butt to teach correct nutrition and fitness information,

…could you expect to find these cases. I doubt this is going on in many other places in the world, but by all means, set me straight if I’m in error.

At any rate, I’m thrilled to see this guy was a successful exception to the frequent complications of these surgeries. He radically changed his body, his health, and his life – so I hope more people will feel empowered to do likewise.

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