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Secret Contest Results: The Grok Tattoo

There are perks to being a forum [1] member. Earlier this month I held a secret contest, published only in the forum and only public for a short period of time. Those that acted quickly were sent a free temporary Grok Tattoo. I asked for pics and MDA forum members came through big time with this amazing collection of photos. Many thanks to everyone that participated and sent in a snapshot. It’s a pleasure being able to put faces (and feet and biceps and shoulders…) to forum names. Stay Primal, everyone, and Grok on! [2]

Congratulations to Dragonmamma, who won the Grok Spear [3] from Cold Steel. Way to tat the back!

And by the way, every T-shirt [4] and Primal Leap [5] order now comes with a Grok Tattoo. Stay tuned for more contest results in coming days.