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November 13, 2006

Scientists Perplexed: Issue ‘Impossible Calorie’ Award

By Mark Sisson

Far be it from us to know how this is possible. Even scientists are scratching their heads like lice on mice. This time, it’s good old BK bringing you an impossibly-high-calorie meal. It would be funny, except it’s real. Tell them to knock it off! They’ll listen.
Meatnormous Catastrophe

This is the “meatnormous” morning catastrophe BK is calling their Enormous Omelet Sandwich. Weighing in at 730 calories without sauce or sides, you’ll get 6 strips of bacon, two eggs, two slices of “cheese”, a giant refined bun, and a sausage patty the size of an ottoman. Comes complete with 410 calories of fat and enough sodium to keep the Titanic afloat.

Impossible Calorie Award

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Primal Toad
6 years 2 months ago

Lol. I’ll pass on this! That’s not too many calories but the food is crap.