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Rotten Apple Award

This month’s Rotten Apple Award goes to Mesunique, a quack product being marketed as a cellulite and weight-loss cream. “Testimonials” claim fat loss of up to 20 pounds in just a month. The product is all over the infomercial network right now, and despite a truly amateur website (see below), the makers of Mesunique have managed to convince more than a few poor souls that a simple cream is the answer to all one’s body woes.

We’re here to call them on the quackery. For one thing, the website is rife with errors and nonsensical terminology and phrases. According to the site, mesotherapy is used in France by the “rich and famous” with fabulous results. Of course, Mesunique is not even mesotherapy (which itself is not a legitimately recognized treatment in any peer-reviewed journal anywhere).

Additionally, nowhere on the site can one find any information about ingredients, safety and testing, or research. There is also no disclaimer. In fact, there’s really no information at all; the product simply touts 8 glowing testimonials of “real people” who swear that life would have never been the same without this incredible cellulite cream. The product is popular despite the quack claims and lack of scientific support, simply because of the emotional promise it gives. Don’t fall for such quackery, dear Apples! (We know you wouldn’t.)

Unfortunately, there just isn’t a magic cure for weight loss. It takes sensible eating, exercise, and time. Cellulite is caused by a lack of fitness and genetics, as well – the good news being that, with exercise, you can maximize what you’ve got.

We’re watching you, Mesunique. [1]

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