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25 Jul

Red States Are Bad

This is truly startling. In only 20 short years, look at how America has changed.

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  1. Hi Aaron,
    Oh, that “IS” “Startling!” America has just become more and more obese. Also, it shows that out of these “9” states, MOST of them are of the South. I live in Tennessee and I’m from Louisiana I can say that,”not everyone”, but most people in Louisiana have the most carefree diet of all. The cajun food culture is like no other. I have always heard that the state of Colorado has of the most slimmer people in America. I’ve always wandered why they’re more health conscience.

    Donna wrote on July 26th, 2007
  2. I’ve been under the impression that Arizonan’s were the slimmest per capita?? I think the South suffers from the, “We do things big down here” attitude. I also believe that their education system mirrors their lack of care or knowledge of healthy food and healthy choices.

    todd B. wrote on July 26th, 2007
  3. Hi Todd,
    I think it’s an attitude more of:the food “tastes great” and it’s hard to beat!”
    Like i say-“not everyone” is careless in the cajun diet choices. But, it really does taste so good, it’s “their” personal choice to eat that way. The food is out of this world with flavor! Yes, they are educated and do have knowledge, it’s only their “choice” they’ve made. Donna

    Donna wrote on July 26th, 2007
  4. Donna,
    I’d agree with you. I’m from Missouri, which is surrounded by the fattest states. We love Memphis barbecue, catfish Fridays, and crockpots full of thick, gelatinous rotel at all our church functions. It’s the heartland! (Though I guess it’s also the gutland).

    Bradford wrote on July 26th, 2007
  5. I think education does factor into the lack of care for ones health. I also think that public schools and the children they teach, look at this issue as unimportant compared to say, math and science.

    nibbles wrote on July 26th, 2007
  6. Hi Bradford,
    Thanks so much for your input! I,also, agree with you,it is the heartland of it all. The best cajun cuisine Restaurants in Louisiana i’ve found to be in South Central-Around Lafayette,Louisiana Area.
    I’m friends with many, highly educated people about healthy eating but different people make different choices. And then again,not everyone has the same level of “will-power.” For some,it’s a weakness. I’ll use myself as an example, i have much knowledge about health choices, i was and use to be an Ice Cream Fanatic, i was so addicted, you bet i knew better. I knew i should not of eaten that, but, ice cream was my weakness and i was addicted. Until i made my mind up to make a different “choice” NOT to eat it and give it up, it controlled me. I’m educated not to eat it, but i had to make a choice. Many people are the same way with cajun food, it’s hard for them not to eat it. Until they find will power, then,it becomes a different choice. Donna

    Donna wrote on July 26th, 2007
  7. Cajun food is delicious. That’s why I think people put things off till “tomorrow” to fix their diet, or eat healthy.

    nibbles wrote on July 26th, 2007
  8. It is hard to change when you do not see instant results (either positive or negative). Eat a bad meal and sure, your blood sugar or triglycerides may spike, but you don’t get an extra roll from one lousy meal. Eat a good meal and your body instantly benefits from the nutrition, but you won’t lose any weight. Change is a cumulative process, and it’s tough to wait it out when you do not see results for at least a few weeks.

    Sara wrote on July 26th, 2007
  9. At the rate we’re going, every state will be bad in about a decade.

    Mark wrote on July 26th, 2007
  10. “I think education does factor into the lack of care for ones health. I also think that public schools and the children they teach, look at this issue as unimportant compared to say, math and science.”

    Health and fitness aren’t included on the high stakes achievement tests mandated by the federal and state governments, which is probably a good thing. Nutrition education in schools is centered around the USDA food pyramid, which we know is unhealthy, and promotes milk as an essential part of a healthy diet. Children get most of their daily caloric intake at home, not at school. Community health education aimed at families would be more effective than lessons in schools.

    Sonagi wrote on July 27th, 2007
  11. Sonagi, I think that is a really great point. It is easy to blame the schools but in reality not only do children not eat most of their calories at school, they also only spend a fraction of their time at school (it seems like a lot but it’s really not). Of course school are in need of greatly shaping up, but I think the idea of community/family education is great. There is a growing movement to develop city pride and improve quality of life. I just saw a thing on another blog about Rochester looking for a community leader who would move in and work to improve quality of life in every area – sort of the mayor’s “softer side”, I suppose. CEO of community. Cool idea.

    Sara wrote on July 27th, 2007

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