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In the Making – 07/02/12

Age: 28

Rachel’s Goals: “I want to look and more importantly FEEL better than I did when my husband met me (back in high school at a mere 98 lbs.)! I don’t have a specific number in mind for my weight really, I just want to be able to JUMP out of bed with energy, LOOK in the mirror and say “yeah, what are we going to do today!?!” with enthusiasm! I have 2 children under the age of 3 and feel 3 steps behind all the time with no energy or motivation to try to get my life on track. I want my kids to remember their mom when they were little as someone who chased and laughed and played with them all the time. As someone who just oozed vitality so they can grow up with that same zest for life that I feel but don’t always show because of my energy level and disappointment with my weight/looks.”

Update – 05/04/12: “So far so good. I have been doing really well staying primal about 80% of the time (LOVE the 80/20 idea I haven’t moved much in terms of weight (only losing, then gaining, then losing again) about 3-4 pounds BUT I have recently really up’d my commitment to working out (lifting heavy things) and have really noticed my body looking better despite the weight stagnation! My clothes are fitting differently too in a WONDERFUL way! The BEST and MOST important change I have noticed since dedicating to a primal/paleo lifestyle is the energy I feel. I am still not a 5 am kind of person (more like 7ish) but I get out of bed ready to take on the day. I have two small children (ages 1 & 3) AND a new puppy to deal with (child number 3 in my book!) but I now have the energy to deal with everything plus actually enjoy some of my day! I am trying to stay positive, the weight didn’t get there in a day and it won’t leave that fast.”

Update – 07/02/12: “Well, my journey is still going strong. I have FINALLY pushed past my 2 month long weight plateau! Hooray! Despite the weight leveling off I have been losing some inches from my waist (which has always been my hardship)! I have recently fallen in love with green smoothies. I liked them before occasionally but now have at least one everyday! Even my stubborn kids will drink some of them too! For me this is quite a BIG deal since my oldest (3) has become a VERY picky eater and won’t hardly eat veggies rich now. We call our youngest our cave baby because he eats anything and he LOVES meat!

My hubby and I recently had a “stay-cation” with another couple in Dallas and went to a VERY trendy club called Ghostbar. Now, I am NOT a club type of girl, never have been even in my younger days. My hubs and I met in high school and loved to party together then but always in a low key setting so I guess it just never evolved to the club scene? If that makes sense? Anyway, I was out the few days before the outing to find a dress I could wear and feel good in as well as look appropriate for the place. I tried a couple of stores and was disappointed in the selection but then finally found a LBD (little black dress) at the last one (figures!) at a sort of tween/teen store. Typically in the past I would get a large or (cough) extra-large at these types of stores. My dress was a MEDIUM! And it was NOT tight! It was a comfortable medium! That was a big moment for me (pun intended)! And the night we went to the club surrounded by bleach blondes with big fake boobs that were all (no joke) minimum of 5′ 8″ I did not feel self conscience! I felt really good about my dress and my overall appearance! Thanks to primal I was more confident than I have been in YEARS! Truly amazing for me, especially since I am 4′ 11″ all natural (no enhancements) and have a 1 and 3 year old! Ok, thats enough for today. Gotta say, wish I had discovered this YEARS AGO!”

My Primal Journal [7]

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