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Q & A Session at Free the Animal

A couple months ago I was privileged to have Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal write a guest post for Mark’s Daily Apple. It was titled My Self-Experimentation and Transformation [1]. In it Richard told his inspirational story of dropping 40 pounds (while adding muscle), lowering his blood pressure, managing his stress levels and ditching prescription meds by following similar principles to those outlined in the Primal Blueprint [2].

His story was also one of enlightenment. Richard came to realize that almost all mainstream health and fitness advice – the Conventional Wisdom we go on an on about here on MDA – was dead wrong. With this understanding Richard was able to make some major life changes. His tale inspired many readers as the comment boards [3] can attest to. If you haven’t already read it take a look [1] now.

Richard was kind enough to let me repay the favor, so I’ve put together a guest post for his site [4]. A couple weeks back Richard told his readers that I would be answering any questions they could throw my way. Here are a few of the questions I answer:

So go check it out [4] and add your own thoughts to the comment board.