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21 Nov

PrimalCon Lake Tahoe 2013 Registration Now Open!

Back in July, when I announced PrimalCon IV (April 11-14, 2013 in Oxnard, CA), my team and I were absolutely floored to watch the event completely sell out in only nine days. Clearly, PrimalCon has grown from its modest beginnings (33 brave souls came to Oxnard in 2010) to become a centerpiece of the Mark’s Daily Apple community and the Primal lifestyle. Meanwhile, it’s been breaking my heart to repeatedly turn down interested folks who inquire about next April’s Oxnard event. After all, we publish testimonials describing the retreat as “life changing”, and the food as the “best you will ever eat.”

Clearly, something had to be done. And today, I’m pleased to announce PrimalCon Lake Tahoe, slated for September 26th-29th, 2013! Yes, we shall venture beyond the shores of Southern California to experience one of the most beautiful natural environments on earth, during the best time of the year there. We have taken over the Camp Richardson Historic Resort, situated right on the Southern shore of the lake, between South Lake Tahoe, CA and Emerald Bay. We have reserved various dwellings on the property, including the historic Camp Richardson Hotel and Camp Richardson House, Beachside Motel, and deluxe cabins that sleep between 2 and 8 people. All the lodging options are described and shown (pics and video) at the Camp Richardson website. You’ll book directly with the resort – instructions to follow.

While the PrimalCon Oxnard agenda template and returning presenters have been well-received, we want to offer a slightly different experience in Lake Tahoe. We’ll feature some new presenters itching to share their magic, and devote ample time to engage with nature on mountain hikes and water activities on the lake.


Here’s a quick glance of what the PrimalCon Tahoe agenda will look like.


Evening dinner and mixer at Camp Richardson boathouse


Morning: Hike (easy and hard options) to Angora Lakes for swim and cliff jumping, return for lunch

Afternoon: Presenter free choice time at Camp Richardson

Evening: Primal feast, followed by wine and chocolate campfire at Camp Richardson


Morning: Primal Blueprint Fitness activities at athletic field, return for lunch

Afternoon: Water sports at Lake Tahoe (kayak, standup paddle)

Keynote address from Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf

Evening: Early Primal feast, sunset luxury yacht cruise to world-famous Emerald Bay, wine and chocolate campfire


Morning: Presenter free choice time at Camp Richardson, followed by lunch and closing address


Lake Tahoe is convenient to Reno International Airport (64 miles), Sacramento International Airport (115 miles), and San Francisco International Airport (200 miles). South Lake Tahoe Express has numerous daily departures from Reno airport to South Lake Tahoe casinos and back. Round trip tickets are $49. We will have van and auto service available to transport you to Camp Richardson from your casino shuttle stop throughout Thursday afternoon, and to go from Camp to casino shuttle for Sunday afternoon return trips. Casinos are seven miles from Camp Richardson.

Lodging: Camp Richardson

Richardson House Richardson Hotel Richardson Cabin Camp Richardson Shoreline
Click images to enlarge

We aspire to create a great sense of community by taking over Camp Richardson and encouraging you to stay there at outstanding off-season rates. There are numerous lodging options at Camp Richardson, and are likely to go quickly after this PrimalCon announcement. You can peruse the Camp Richardson website to view detailed photo and video descriptions of the various lodging options, which include the Camp Richardson hotel, Beachside motel, Richardson historic house and assorted deluxe cabins sleeping from 2 to 8 people. You will make reservations directly with the resort by calling 800-544-1801. Get a group together or jump on the PrimalCon Forum and see if you can assemble a Primal clan to rent one of the beautiful cabins! Also, South Lake Tahoe has abundant small motels (2 miles away) and large casino hotels (8 miles away) to choose from at various budget levels. If you want to go full Primal and tent camp, we have a few spots reserved at Camp Richardson, email with interest.


Lake Tahoe is at 6,224’ above sea level so you will experience their wonderful fall Sierra Nevada weather of sunny, temperate days and cold nights. Watch the forecast before your departure and pack well in case of extremes. Average high on Sept 26th is 70 ºF, average low is 32 ºF. Sunrise 6:52 am, sunset 6:50 pm.

More About PrimalCon

In case you haven’t heard (or reviewed the links from 2010, 2011, and 2012), PrimalCon is our three-day health and fitness retreat – a total immersion weekend experience of expert-guided workouts, play, leisure time, lectures and presentations with assorted expert presenters on Primal-related topics, camaraderie with fellow Primal enthusiasts, and extraordinary Primal feasts – an experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life. PrimalCon is more than just great food and a lively and diverse agenda blending lectures. The truly magical element is the gathering of like-minded folks from all over the globe who share a tremendous passion for living Primally.

PrimalCon welcomes participants of all fitness and experience levels. Really, we make it work for everyone! If you’re a hardcore CrossFit Games type, we’ll have stuff to test your mettle, including our legendary PrimalCon Ultimate Frisbee battles (winners hit the dinner buffet line first—high stakes indeed!). If you are new to Primal living, relatively unfit, injured, whatever, don’t worry – you will fit right in. Our staff makes a sincere effort to ensure that you receive appropriate guidance and pace yourself well all weekend. We also offer extensive pick-and-choose flexibility on the daily agendas, so you can custom design your ideal experience. Yep, you can engage with your favorite presenter repeatedly, or escape to the lake for a spell – we won’t tell!

The conference fee is $849, which includes morning Primal Fuel coconut milk smoothies and snack spreads, delicious catered Primal lunch and dinner buffets, and a lavish goodie bag of apparel and other Primal gear. Upon receipt of your registration, we encourage you to call Camp Richardson (800-544-1801) and immediately book your accommodations. To ensure an intimate experience and direct engagement with me and the other presenters, slots are limited to the first 100 registrants.

What to Expect from PrimalCon Lake Tahoe 2013

Seminars and presentations include general sessions with me and other featured presenters with specialized areas of expertise directly related to the Primal movement.

Mark Sisson Chef Rachel

Workouts will take place on the Camp Richardson beach, in the water, or at a nearby high school athletic field (or gymnasium in the event of inclement weather). Experts in Primal Blueprint Fitness will guide you in small groups with sessions designed to educate and invigorate you without risking overstress or injury. Again, this conference is for absolutely everyone. Whether you’re in great shape, or you’re injured, relatively unfit, or unfamiliar with the Primal Blueprint, this weekend can kick-start a brand new way of life!

PrimalCon Tahoe staffer Colleen Conners-Pace works with her weekly boot camp at Lake Tahoe

We’ll have all kinds of fun, games, and relaxation, including a spectacular hike to the secluded Angora Lake, with an easy option (2 miles roundtrip, 250’ elevation gain on a wide, smooth trail) and a challenging ridgeline ascent option (2.8 miles, 1,250′ elevation gain); a spectacular luxury yacht sunset cruise to world-famous Emerald Bay; kayaking and standup paddling at Lake Tahoe; Ultimate Frisbee matches; and free time for small group engagement with the presenters of your choice (wanna learn to tightrope-walk?).

Visible in foreground is the Upper Angora lake (hike finish). Just behind is Lower Angora lake (short hike start). Behind that is Fallen Leaf lake (long hike start), with expansive Lake Tahoe just behind Fallen Leaf lake in background.

We’ll have lavish Primal feasts featuring ridiculously colorful and enticing lunch and dinner buffets from our same chef from Oxnard, David Aflalo of Above and Beyond Catering. Enjoy an amazing assortment of fresh-cooked, locally grown, pasture-raised, premium quality Primal offerings. Linger after dinner for social time as the spectacular Tahoe sunset marks the end of the day. We’ll then convene at Camp Richardson’s fantastic camp fire facility (seats 100+!) and bust out the wine and exquisite dark chocolate from Ethereal Confections and Santa Barbara Chocolate Company.

Primal Feast Barbecue Primal Feast Birds

While Oxnard has the now world-famous Primal ocean plunge (watch it here), Tahoe will raise you one with the Upper Angora Lake cliff jump! No, not the 70-foot perch favored by local daredevils (makes for fun spectating), but rather a 9-foot option for newbies, or a thrilling 20-foot option for the more adventurous and experienced.

Photo Credit: Tahoe Mountain Sports

Guest Presenters

In addition to me, we have a stacked presenter list for PrimalCon Tahoe 2013 featuring numerous leaders in the field and members of the Mark’s Daily Apple community:

Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf: As one of the leading voices of the Primal/paleo/evolutionary health movement, Robb is a busy guy and a highly sought after speaker across the globe. However, Robb, like you, has been reading the blog, looking at the pics and videos, and pining to attend PrimalCon for a couple of years now. Well, he’s finally going to make it work in 2013. And I must say, if someone as busy as Robb can carve out a few days for fun in the mountains, so can you! I’m incredibly stoked to welcome Robb and am sure he will be a huge hit. Regarding his participation, Robb and I decided to just turn him loose and let him do what he does best – riff on any and all matters of Primal living that you can conjure up to ask him.

Robb is the author of the bestselling The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet. He publishes a popular blog at and hosts a popular weekly Internet podcast called The Paleo Solution together with Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics. Robb has functioned as a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, is co-founder of the nutrition and athletic training journal, The Performance Menu, co-owner of NorCal Strength & Conditioning, one of the Men’s Health “top 30 gyms in America” and co-owner of Evolve Foods a paleo food company selling meals and snacks featuring grass fed meat, wild caught fish and all organic ingredients.

Robb is a former California State Powerlifting Champion (565 lb. Squat, 345 lb. Bench, 565 lb. Dead Lift) and a 6-0 amateur kickboxer. He coaches athletes at the highest levels of competition and consults with Olympians and world champions in MMA, motocross, rowing and triathlon. Wolf has provided seminars in nutrition and strength & conditioning to various entities including NASA, Naval Special Warfare, the Canadian Light Infantry and the United States Marine Corps. Robb lives just down the hill from Tahoe in Reno, Nevada with his wife Nicki and daughter Zoe.

Sarah Fragoso

Sarah Fragoso is author of the national best selling books, Everyday Paleo, Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship, and the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook. Sarah is a strength and conditioning coach for Norcal Strength and Conditioning in Chico, CA, one of Americans top 30 gyms. She hosts a podcast called “Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast” at her website Everyday Paleo, conducts nationwide seminars, works directly with the Naval Special Warfare community teaching nutrition classes, and contributes to several publications and blogs regarding how to successfully introduce and maintain the paleo lifestyle for families. Sarah will discuss how to smoothly transition your entire family to a Paleo diet and lifestyle and her success story of transitioning out of poor health to become America’s #1 Paleo mom.

Chrissy Gower: Chrissy will present together with her frequent speaking partner and Paleo Talk podcast co-host Sarah Fragoso about how to get families eating and living healthy! Chrissy, sister-in-law of Robb Wolf, is a hard working wife and mother of two that is committed to educating families on how to live a healthier lifestyle. As a personal trainer out of the famed NorCal Strength and Conditioning gym in Chico, CA, she has helped countless individuals and families successfully implement a paleo diet and age-appropriate fitness programs. She also runs the acclaimed blog, Growing Up Paleo.

Katie Deluca

Katie Deluca hails from Chico, Ca where she was Strength and Conditioning coach under the tutelage of Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti for over 6 years. She holds a BA in Kinesiology as well as numerous certificates in Weight Lifting, CrossFit, and Nutrition. She has been featured internationally as a fitness model in Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength DVD, The Paleo Solution, Power, Speed, Endurance, and Fitness Rx for Men – March 2012-April 2012 – as (Olympic Lifting Model.) Master of all things glute related, be sure to pick her brain on glute activation and how it relates to strength and conditioning. You can check out her musings on life, travel, and training at Katie will be presenting with Adam and Vanessa Lambert on Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics.

Glen Cordoza

Glen Cordoza has written 17 books on MMA, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai kick-boxing, and fitness, as well as co-authored with Kelly Starrett the long-awaited Becoming a Supple Leopard. Glen has an 8-0 record in professional Thai boxing, a 3-1 professional MMA record, and holds the rank of Purple belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. Glen worked as a trainer at NorCal Strength and Conditioning and does online consulting at Glen will present Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics alongside Adam and Vanessa Lambert at PrimalCon. He will also be available to take questions and provide insight into the world of Muay Thai and MMA fighting for those interested in this discipline.

Jenny LaBaw

Jenny LaBaw is one of America’s leading CrossFit Games competitors. After a collegiate soccer and track career, Jenny took 6th place at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games in her first year in the sport! She followed up with a 2012 victory in the NorCal regionals. Jenny is a coach at NorCal Strength and Conditioning in Chico, CA and spends her spare time hiking, running, mountain biking, paddle boarding, skiing, camping, fishing, hunting and just being with her boyfriend and two yellow labs. She’ll be available at PrimalCon to work with guests who harbor competitive aspirations, as well as casual fitness enthusiasts looking for more guidance and inspiration from a true champion. Check out Jenny’s amazing video here.

Angelo dela Cruz

Angelo dela Cruz: Angelo is simply the all-around all-star of PrimalCon. He gets our days off to a great start with his morning sessions of Vitamove (an energizing/focusing mix of tai chi and stretching), and no doubt will be goaded into ending our days in style by busting out some of his break dancing moves at the beach party house! Angelo will engage with groups large and small to dispense his unique wisdom and instruction in the areas of parkour/freerunning, gymnastics, and martial arts. Angelo is also an expert healer and will be available for 1:1 stretching/massage realignment sessions during presenter free time. To get a sense of Angelo, check out his ninja warrior audition tape!

Darcy Norman: Darcy is a licensed physical therapist, certified athletic trainer, and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He is an internationally recognized athletic performance and rehabilitation expert, and has worked with the top professional soccer team FC Bayern Munchen, and the HTC Highroad Pro Cycling Team. Darcy received degrees in Physical Education and Biology with an emphasis in Athletic Training and Pre-Med from Washington State University and a degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington. Darcy will discuss functional biomechanics and pre- and post-rehabilition testing to help fitness enthusiasts of all levels train effectively, recovery quickly and prevent injury.

Marcus Brown is a global water skiing icon: University World Champion, Australian Moomba Masters Champion and U.S. Open Champion. He is currently a water skiing ambassador to the United States Olympic Committee. A professional athlete for most of his adult life, Marcus has developed a mental, emotional, and physical regimen to prepare himself and many elite level athletes for competition. He will share his preparation and mindset tips for peak performance at PrimalCon.

Amy Kubal is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian specializing in the Paleo Diet and performance nutrition. She received both her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Nutrition from Colorado State University. She currently works with athletes and individuals looking to improve their overall health and performance through diet and lifestyle. Amy is the consulting dietitian for Robb Wolf and the director of Robb’s Paleo Physicians Network. Additionally she is the nutrition guru for the Whole9, and dietitian for Joe Friel’s TrainingBible coaching. Amy has helped many clients optimize body composition and/or manage and recover from autoimmune and diet related diseases: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, IBS, renal failure, lupus, and more. Additionally, she works with a broad range of performance focused clients made up of Olympic athletes, Ironman triathletes, professional bikers, marathoners, CrossFit games competitors, MMA fighters, Kettlebell masters, and every day athletes.

The Lamberts

Vanessa and Adam Lambert will be teaching the fundamentals of Olympic lifting and Gymnastics. Vanessa, AKA Nesta Rae, one of Primal Blueprint’s own, has been a gymnast and competitive athlete her entire life (fitness reel). Adam is Battalion Chief and Physical Fitness Coordinator for Cal Fire. The two have been CrossFit games competitors (3rd place Affiliate team 2009), surfers, and avid Primal advocates for years. If you have ever heard of Olympic lifting and have wanted the opportunity to explore this ancient craft of weightlifting, or if you are an avid O-Lifter and just want to throw some weight around, you can join Adam and Vanessa during one of your elective hours to do so! The Lamberts will also be offering an elective that focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics. Come improve your hand stand technique, learn to do a forward roll, or simply learn some gymnastic-based calisthenics. This is a great opportunity to explore gymnastics and its application to the Primal world.

Monish White

Monisha White: Monisha joins us again to present Esther Gokhale’s posture and movement technique. Monisha was such a huge hit in 2012 she almost, almost makes people forget about her mom—that’s right, it’s Esther! A lifelong (literally!) student of the Gokhale Method, Monisha is an extremely polished and passionate presenter. She will take a weekend break from her classes at Stanford to deliver her formal presentations and engage 1:1 with guests to fine tune the way the they stand, sit, and move. Oh, did I mention her participation in the Ultimate Frisbee matches? Words simply do not do justice – this girl gets more air time than Michael Jordan! Don’t let the sweet smile fool you, pick her first for your team….she’ll be the one throwing, running, and catching with perfect technique.

Carrie Sisson and Karen Moore: Carrie and Karen will present their popular Women’s Chat Group, a casual gathering to discuss any and all issues related to being female, being Primal, and living life to the fullest.

With Carrie’s plans rolling for a new Primal Woman book, there will be plenty of opportunity to engage on matters such as how Primal living can help you age gracefully, both in the mind and the body, raising a family, making a contribution beyond family, and female health-related topics.

Tyler and Connor Curley: PrimalCon veterans will hold court on the slackline in their native environs of the Sierra. These entertaining characters more closely resemble Grok than any other present day humans. While they shoulder some heavy staff duties, they will also show you how to play hard with slackline instruction, Ultimate Frisbee domination and maybe even an impromptu cold plunge off the luxury yacht in Emerald Bay – towel-off optional.

Getting Down to Details

Fees: $849 conference registration

  • Return-attendee discount: $100 discount to 2010, 2011, 2012 or 2013 PrimalCon Oxnard registrants. Type “PrimalConAlum” in the discount coupons field to activate. We’ll confirm your past participation upon receipt of 2013 registration.
  • Couple discount: $50 discount for couples, or pals, registering together – just select quantity “2” for PrimalCon registration and you’ll receive $25 off each registration.

Cancellations: $100 cancellation fee (remainder refunded) if you cancel before June 30, 2013. $150 fee if you cancel after 7/1/2013.

Schedule: Thursday evening, September 26 – Primal Dinner Feast and social mixer from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Friday morning, September 27 – registration 7:30 am, and then we jump right into the agenda. Well wrap up on Sunday at noon so you can embark on your journey home…and show up to work Monday morning a new person!


Timothy Williams“I’ve been fortunate enough to attend three PrimalCons, and they just keep getting better each year. The food is mind-blowingly fantastic, an endless cornucopia, proof to those who need it that the world’s healthiest foods are also the tastiest. The presenters are fascinating, pioneers in their disciplines and deeply inspiring. And of course the attendees are no less remarkable. New friendships are guaranteed to be made, and there’s an ineffable sense of family from the very first night. PrimalCon is far and away the most exciting and delightful event of the year for me.”

Timothy Williams
Los Angeles, CA – 3-time PrimalCon alum and sledgehammer presenter, and 21-Day Total Body Transformation success story

“I have to admit that I was a little leery about attending my first PrimalCon – shades of the first day of school for the new kid in town. But I’m soooo glad I went. It was a great weekend full of unique experiences and wonderful Primal people. And don’t forget the fabulous food! I learned so much, both from the knowledgeable and skilled presenters and from fellow attendees.  I came away completely energized and even more committed to the Primal life. If anyone has doubts about whether they should attend, I say GO!”

Marianne Callum

“I have been following MDA for the past year and a half and the conference was an event I was looking forward to to help me expand on the primal lifestyle in a hands on kind of way. With all the uniquely different presenters, I was able to refine what information I wanted to learn the most and hone in on that area. Mark really knows how to embrace his followers by sincerely interacting with everyone throughout the event. It was a joy to meet him in person and hear him speak to the group. He is a true pioneer and a great leader in the health and wellness industry. Thanks for everything you do, Mark!”

Tracy Barrett

“What makes an Aussie travel over 7,000 miles to attend PrimalCon? The chance to learn, get personal advice and just hang out with a dream list of primal/paleo experts and enthusiasts… It’s the ultimate Primal Masterclass! I came away with new knowledge, new friends, refreshed inspiration and confidence and a few aching muscles that I never knew I had! I even made a new friend who lives in my city back in Australia, what were the chances of that??

I’d recommend PrimalCon to everyone from committed ‘experts’ to those that have barely dipped a toe in the water; regardless of your experience you’ll come away with immediately applicable practical knowledge and skills to improve your quality of life. Bring on PrimalCon 2013!”

Jennifer Cook
Sydney, Australia

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Wow, sounds like a pretty awesome event. The chance to meet Mark and Robb Wolf, that is hard to pass up. There are a lot of presenters, I’ll have to look into whether this fits into my schedule (and my budget).

    Wayne Atwell wrote on November 21st, 2012
    • yeah, i would love to do this! it sounds like so much fun, but being a 17 year old kid it doesn’t really fit into my budget… :(

      Jeremy wrote on November 21st, 2012
  2. When are you coming to the UK, Mark?

    Ali wrote on November 21st, 2012
  3. I second that comment about coming to the UK!

    Hari wrote on November 21st, 2012
  4. I would love to attend and learn more. I am 69 and I’m worried I would be the only older person there. Is there anyway someone my age could contact me that has been to any of these? Thanks

    Sylvia wrote on November 21st, 2012
    • I am not 69, but 69 is just a number. Of course you won’t be the oldest, and who cares if you are? this is for everyone, don’t hesitate sign up now before you wished you had. Life is short and life for you yes is getting shorter but it’s not all about how long we live, it’s how well we live it. go for it!!!!!

      Konaleen wrote on November 21st, 2012
      • Well, I’m just a tad younger at 68, but I’d certainly have no qualms about going because of my age — we “older” Primal type peeps need to show the young ‘uns how it’s done!

        PrimalGrandma wrote on November 21st, 2012
        • LOL< Good ,thanksfor sharing.

          Sylvia wrote on November 22nd, 2012
  5. Now this is going to be one sweet PrimalCon. As a native of Tahoe, I guarantee you will have an awesome experience in the mountains, enjoying the lake, and of course all the people with whom you will meet, learn and play with. See you there!!!

    Konaleen wrote on November 21st, 2012
  6. YAY! It’s going to be so awesome! If anyone is having any problems signing up with the couples discount, or returning attendee discount, call Mark’s office – toll free in the US: 888-774-6259 and they can help you out so you get your discount. You can also email for assistance.

    CAn8ive wrote on November 21st, 2012
  7. I want to sign up, but I would have to come alone. Is anyone considering getting groups together to share one of the cabins?

    Brianne wrote on November 21st, 2012
    • I would be interested in sharing with a group as I’m going solo too. I have just emailed reservations to check out prices. will stay in touch! Very exciting!!

      Alison Kingston wrote on November 22nd, 2012
      • I am going to come alone also. I would be interested in a group. Please contact me. Thanks

        Sylvia wrote on November 22nd, 2012
        • Hi Sylvia,
          I ended up making reservations at the hotel, I’ll be there by myself. Maybe we can meet up at the retreat.

          brianne wrote on November 23rd, 2012
        • Hi Sylvia,

          If you go on the forum about Lake Tahoe there is a few other women wanting to share accommadation too. Hopefully we can organise a lodge between us?? I’m sure all will fall into place.

          Alison Kingston wrote on November 25th, 2012
      • Hi Alison,
        I will be there, but I went ahead and reserved a room at the hotel. See you there I hope.

        brianne wrote on November 23rd, 2012
        • Brianne, are you wanting to share your room? Let me know,they are all sold out. I’m on the waiting list. Thanks

          Sylvia wrote on November 23rd, 2012
  8. Wow. This sounds so amazing. I’d just love to get to know more people who have the same primal attitude towards life. People who eat the same way I do. People who are full of life-energy, who know of and appreciate a good run or strength-training, who live their life to the fullest and can teach me new things.
    I wish I could fly over from Germany to join.
    What about hosting a Primal-Con there. There are a lot of people here who’d need it. That’s for sure!

    P.S.: What’s the usual lower limit of age?

    Richie wrote on November 21st, 2012
  9. I would LOVE to attend…hopefully I can get the funds together to do so before the tickets sell out.

    Please have a PrimalCon on the east coast! Especially around NYC :)

    Diya wrote on November 21st, 2012
    • I second the NYC PrimalCon! (Boston’s a great spot too…)

      I’d love to see more in general about Primal Living in a big city :)

      PrimalMama wrote on November 24th, 2012
  10. You know, you need a Kids PrimalCon going on at the same time. :-)

    Alison Golden wrote on November 21st, 2012
  11. This is so awesome Mark! Glad you were bugged enough to do a second event.

    Now we all need to bug you to come to PaleoFX!!

    Primal Toad wrote on November 21st, 2012
  12. PLEASE do this again in 2014….believe it or not, the ONLY firm commitment I have for 2013 is a trip to Ireland at the same time you scheduled this.

    I LOVE Lake Tahoe & will think about you guys (well, maybe, you know, being in Ireland & all!)

    (and April will never work for me due to work commitments…..)

    Susan wrote on November 21st, 2012
    • Funny Susan, I’m planning a trip to Ireland around September too!

      Rachel M wrote on November 21st, 2012
  13. Oh wow, this looks AMAZING!! Unfortunatly I won’t be travelling all the way from NZ… unless I win lotto or something. You know what they say – where there is life, there is hope! 😀

    Kitty =^..^= wrote on November 21st, 2012
  14. Oh this is so not fair! I moved from near that area (i lived like 2hrs away) in April of this year to Australia. :-(

    Carly wrote on November 21st, 2012
  15. When are you coming to Australia????
    A PrimalCon is a must for ‘downunder’!

    Maray wrote on November 21st, 2012
  16. I love weekend retreats, I’ve been doing them for years. Meeting new friends, making lasting memories- I’ve been so looking forward to experiencing that with the Primal community. Hopefully I can be a part of this in 2013!

    Rachel M wrote on November 21st, 2012
  17. Sadly, I’m 18, a college student, and in Ohio. It’s a dream of mine to go to this though!

    Logan wrote on November 21st, 2012
  18. Just curious…when adding a second event, why not a different part of the country? There’s already one in CA, so why not throw the East Coasters a bone? (no pun intended) That would make it more accessible for folks in Europe/UK too.

    Karen P. wrote on November 21st, 2012
  19. I so wish I could afford this. It sounds super incredible.

    sacha wrote on November 21st, 2012
  20. I know i’m not the only one crying out for PrimalCon UK!! Incredibly incredibly tempted by this, but at over £1000 for me to attend for just a few days when i’ll already be in the States in May, it’s looking a bit steep (pun intended!)

    Please please do Lake Tahoe again in 2014! (And come to the sunny UK, of course.)

    clarissa wrote on November 21st, 2012
    • I’m from Ireland so would love there to be a Primal Con near here but I’m seriously thinking of packing my bags and going to lake Tahoe and make it a two week trip. Sounds like heaven!!! Thank you Mark!! Ali Nutritional Therapist Cork Ireland

      Alison Kingston wrote on November 22nd, 2012
      • When something feels so right you must take action. Just registered for PrimalCon September 2013. It’s my birthday in September, best present ever :-)

        Alison Kingston wrote on November 22nd, 2012
        • Yes, I agree, as soon as I got this email announcing the Tahoe PrimalCon, it felt right and I talked my husband into going as a September birthday gift for me and a boost to our primal lifestyle. Can’t wait to meet and mingle with like-minded people, eat awesome food, and enjoy the beauty of Tahoe! :)

          Susie Shaffer wrote on November 22nd, 2012
  21. I toyed with the idea of buying a ticket to the April 13 PrimalCon but chickened out as I am still new to the Primal lifestyle. After I saw a second PrimalCon was happening later in the year it didn’t take me long to convince myself that it was an awesome idea.
    It’ll be my first trip to the States from Australia and I’m hoping to come away with a wealth of knowledge in Primal living. 😀

    Keira Richards wrote on November 23rd, 2012
  22. Well, it sounds great & I would love to hear Robb but I cannot afford this. It’s close too I live just 4 hours from Tahoe. But DH would have a cow.

    But the Primal/Paleo way is helping me beat diabetes and I love this program. :)

    Nancy North-Gates wrote on November 23rd, 2012
  23. That sounds great, BUT its too far away for me…Can you do the next one in Sydney, Australia???????? (“,)

    Diana wrote on November 25th, 2012
  24. I live in Reno — will there be any day pass options? Would love to see some speakers and grab some primal grub!

    Elaine wrote on November 25th, 2012
  25. What a fantastic idea! The only thing better than an annual PrimalCon is a semi-annual PrimalCon. And what an amazing line-up of presenters.

    I’m sure this one will sell out soon, but hopefully not before I get my own tickets!

    Timothy wrote on November 26th, 2012
    • It’s sold out already. :-( Wonder how many people are on the waitlist.

      DarcieG wrote on November 26th, 2012

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