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Primal Health Challenge Reminder

There has been an amazing response to the 30-Day Primal Health Challenge [1]. We’ve received dozens of positive emails and comments from people that are enthusiastic about acting as if they are Grok. We want to commend all participants for their efforts. Keep up the great work!

Also, just a quick reminder to all participants that would like their Primal Health Challenge results [2] and questions published on MDA. Make sure to send [3] them on over no later than tomorrow so we have time to edit the post.

And for all bloggers out there that are tracking their progress on their own blogs feel free to send us a link. We’ll include it in the update post.

We’ve already received a few amazing accounts from people that have been 100% Primal for an entire week. Check back on Thursday to find out what living Primal has been like for fellow Apples.


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