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3 Aug

Primal Evolution: Change Within Weeks, Transformation in Mere Months

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

Hi Mark,

Greetings from Tulsa, Oklahoma!

I’ve been debating sharing my success story, as I’m not really one to “toot my own horn.” However, I’ve thought about how others might benefit from hearing it – so here goes!

I was a very active kid and teenager growing up and liked to play a variety of sports (baseball being my favorite). Throughout middle and high school I tried my hand competitively at baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, and some recreational distance running. I always enjoyed being known for my speed, although not so much for my athletic abilities ;). Much of the reason I was fast was because I was very slender (about 135 lbs at 6’ tall). My freshman year of college I continued to stay active by playing intramural softball, and even some skateboarding. As my college years went on my activity level declined some, but I was still able to manage the same body image and general level of health, for the most part. Additionally, being a college kid, I never worried about what I ate or drank.

I took a full-time job (with the Tulsa Drillers, the AA affiliate of the Colorado Rockies) in Tulsa after college and moved from upstate NY to begin my career at age 22. For the first few years here I drank often (mostly beer after games), but for six months to a year drank a few too many Jack and Cokes. Boy did my body change! During this time I also struggled with terrible/debilitating back spasms. Finally two years ago (at age 25) I had enough of the back problems and began to do some cardio and some strength exercises to try and help combat the problem.

Last year, about a month before Thanksgiving, I discovered your blog by happenstance, and ordered your book The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation. My views on health, diet, and working out all changed from that point forward. I went from weighing 180 lbs to my present day 150 in a matter of a few months. (I was heaviest at 195-200 lbs in 2010 (above).) I truly enjoy clean eating, and working out now.

This is how it happened: Since I had already incorporated some exercise into my routine, the next step was to begin eating correctly. It was amazing to learn (initially through your book, then through my own additional research) how the food we eat reacts in our bodies. I cut out SAD foods, bread, pastas, most processed foods, etc., and noticed a change in my body within a few weeks.

Once I felt I had a grasp on eating correctly I began Primal Essential Movements regularly. From there I realized I really enjoyed challenging myself with weightlifting. There’s no better feeling than being able to increase strength through hard work. I’ve continued to lift weights 5-7 days a week, and have continued to make strength gains. I recently completed a 50-day pullup challenge! 1,785 pullups in 50 days. First day begin with 10, second day do 11, and so on until you get to 60.

My diet is pretty boring now, really; my staples are eggs, bacon, steak, chicken, broccoli, asparagus, fish, and bananas. I don’t try cooking much, so these things are easy for me. Although, I have tried a few of the Primal Blueprint user submitted recipes. I particularly enjoyed Almond Banana Pancakes and Omelet Muffins. I use quite a bit of the following: organic whole butter, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic unrefined coconut oil, and almond butter sparingly. Occasionally I will drink organic whole milk with my Primal Fuel after a workout. The biggest challenge for me is eating enough vegetables, so I’ve begun to try and incorporate more of those in my diet (e.g. blending kale into my protein shakes). I supplement each meal with a protein shake (three per day). Occasionally I will add raw eggs to the shakes, and regularly add a bit of olive oil in each one.

I like to experiment from time to time with eating, and have found that I really like the LeanGains approach to meal timing. (Eat from 1 PM-9 PM, fast from 9 PM-1 PM). One of the reasons I like the approach is because I enjoy working out in the morning while in a fasted state (tons of energy typically!).

The biggest challenge I faced when making the switch to Primal was pizza. I really, really like pizza, so not eating pizza is tough! Mainly the hardest part for me is continuing to eat correctly. I don’t really know anyone else in my life who eats like I do. At work there are always cakes, cookies, etc., around. When eating at restaurants people sometimes find it hard to believe that I don’t want the loaf of bread or the baked potato with my meal. It’s not that I don’t enjoy these foods (hell, I like everything), I just choose not to eat them, and do what’s right for me. It sounds very selfish, but I’m not really concerned with what other people think I should be doing. A lot of people say that I don’t have any “fun” anymore because I choose to not go out drinking each weekend. My idea of fun is bettering myself, and continuing to learn what it takes to get stronger and healthier. I want to live a long life!

Mark, I’ve shared your book with family members, and co-workers. Reading it was the spark I needed to fuel the now fat-burning machine that is my body. Thank you!


You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Great job. I’ve still got a ways to go, but your story is an inspiration. I’ve incorporated IF into my Primal diet as well and love it.

    JB Primal wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Great job bud. I’ve found IF hard to incorporate as a college athlete though. Feeling like I need a little more fuel than usual because of the amount of activity. I’ll be trying IF after college for sure

      Josh Singer wrote on August 4th, 2012
      • Remember IF doesn’t always mean calorie restriction… IF/eating all your food in a small window of time is a good idea because it encourages cellular autophagy; as the amino acid pool in your blood drops from fasting cells in your body will cannibalize their own spare internal organs/organelles & throw them out into your blood… but they’ll get rid of the damaged, “junk” proteins first. Once you eat protein they’ll rebuild the lost organelles, only with new, undamaged proteins. As you age you accumulate a lot of junk protein in your cells that make them run inefficiently and can ultimately kill them… IF may extend your life, or at the very least reduce some of the effects of old age.

        Fasting also boosts BDNF (brain-derived neutrophic factor), a hormone that makes your brain build new neurons/keep old ones from dying.

        mm wrote on August 10th, 2012
  2. Great job.Why not use coconut oil in your shakes instead of olive oil?

    Greg wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • That’s what I was gonna say. Coconut oil in my shakes has helped me lean out faster and it just tastes better.

      Excellent job tho Mike. I feel your pain on the pizza.

      IcarianVX wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • For almond flour pizza crust

        eatsleepswim wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • Coconut oil is awesome but it will harden in the shakes and a person will be having to chew the chunks. Other than that it’s great for you.

        David wrote on August 3rd, 2012
        • MCT oil is coconut oil, but it is liquid at room temp. Try it instead.

          George Brodie wrote on August 4th, 2012
        • There is a way to add coconut oil to smoothies so that the oil doesn’t harden into unappetizing chunks. After your smoothie is totally blended, then slowly pour melted coconut oil into the blender while it continues to run. Once all the oil is in, stop the blender. Comes out totally smooth and blended in, not hardened!

          Kathy wrote on August 4th, 2012
        • I like the little cold chunks of coconut oil.

          rabbit_trail wrote on August 5th, 2012
      • Coconut milk, instead of coconut oil, is really yummy in protein shakes too

        Louise wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • Ive tried coconut oil in smoothies and it gets all hard and clumpy because of the cold temp, even blended in my Vitamix. I don’t love it like that…..

        Susan wrote on August 8th, 2012
    • It may very well be the cost. He’s a young guy and probably hasn’t started making real money yet. This has been my #1 issue with the primal diet; I LOVE wild salmon, grass-fed beef, etc, but I have tuition to pay!!!

      Primal_Libertarian wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • I’ll try the coconut oil today, but very true, it’s expensive :)

      Mike wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • How much coconut oil is a good ratio to add?

      scott wrote on August 4th, 2012
  3. DAYUM! Well done! And points for using the delightful word “happenstance”.

    Yes, that’s the kind of drag part: just facing peoples’ responses to not eating some of the common things.

    Joy Beer wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • I had the same response from SO when I switched to primal/paleo eating: “You’re not fun anymore”
      Not being “fun” is grounds for breaking up! That’s ok – the dogs love how I eat (we share) :)
      Congratulations on your success! You look awesome. Way to stick to your guns.

      peggy wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • Ha ha! Peggy, you nailed it. Adult son finds our meals boring now. However, the dog loves and appreciates the jerky, bone broths, left over scraps of meat, eggs, home-made yogurt, etc. My diet is his diet, his diet is my diet. Only difference, I don’t eat mine raw and I don’t eat the bones! MIKE, you look great. Good for you.

        Sandra Brigham wrote on August 5th, 2012
  4. Great job man. I am right there with you. Being a 24 year old and living a primal/paleo lifestyle is tough. Very few people understand and conventional wisdom is always trying to get you down. It’s hard to have a social life that’s “normal” but we don’t want what’s normal…we want an extraordinary long healthy life. Keep it up and keep in touch!

    Max wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • I understand the particular challenges of being primal/paleo at 24 years old (I was that age myself once!) but believe me, it doesn’t change, the same basic issues remain, no matter what age you are. Good for you for getting the strategies for healthy living and discipline to do it down now while you’re young.

      Alison Golden wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • “Not Fun” is code when people who know they are making poor choices (drinking too much, eating junk) try to drag you down. I cooked 8# of organic, grass-fed beef, pork, and bison on my big green egg, while sipping some red wine with a fellow paleo buddy. We were outside, talking and having a great time. The kids, wife, friends, and family all loved the meal and we had fun. Keep it up, and start converting your friends. Your physique says it all.

      John K wrote on August 6th, 2012
  5. Good job. It’s not selfish to disregard bad information and eat what’s good for you. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise!

    Miss Understood wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  6. well done! And good for you for not bowing to other people’s definition of “fun”. Real fun does not require late nights and alcohol, and real friends will support you in your goals.

    Gydle wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Haha, thanks ladies!

      Mike wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  7. Holy Cow! Too bad I’m not 10 years younger and single. Me-ow! :-)

    Decaf Debi wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • And from a 70 some odd year old, I agree. Mike, you have built one hot, healthy body!

      Sharon wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • It’s amazing what your genes are secretly trying to get out your whole life!

        Josh Singer wrote on August 4th, 2012
    • Another Cougar over here… Grrr baby grrr : )

      LJ wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • You girls are cracking me up!

        Holly M. wrote on August 3rd, 2012
        • I agree with them! You look hot!!!

          Demi wrote on August 3rd, 2012
        • Can we call ourselves cougars if we’re happily married? I’m almost 50 and ya he’s smokin’ now! Wouldn’t have looked at Mike in the before state; but would do a double-take now in the after state!

          Sandra Brigham wrote on August 5th, 2012
      • Another cougar :-)

        Rose wrote on August 4th, 2012
  8. Big difference, congratulations!

    Anke wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  9. You look great, Mike. Thanks for adding the dates of when the pictures were taken. It’s amazing to see how quickly your body changed with the new lifestyle!

    Katie wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  10. Love to see how quick some of these transformations happen. Congratulations! You look great!

    Alison Golden wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  11. Righteous dude. Well done.

    Anders wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  12. wow, you look amazing! And I’m sure you feel it too. As a competitive swimmer who has managed to gain 15 lbs and almost double my body fat % in the few years I’ve been off from training consistently, I’m now trying out Primal in order to try and get back to competition. Started just under 2 weeks ago, and the cravings have kicked in big time! (I almost cried at dinner last night when my family was eating cheese fries and stuffing loaves of bread in their faces and I couldn’t have any. Boy, I am not going to miss those cravings!) This was just the inspiration I needed today to keep going. Thanks for sharing!

    Amy wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Amy, hang in there, the cravings do go away and you will not be giving those foods a second thought.

      Stephanie wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Keep with it Amy, you won’t regret it! I just started to swim a few weeks ago, and it feels great!

      Mike wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Definitely hang in there Amy, after a while, those foods won’t even smell good to you!

      Tana wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • This is so true. Amy, to transition, I made my family long-fermnented sourdough bread to keep them from eating store bought junk bread. I helped myself to one slice when just baked. Over a few weeks, I noticed how I’d get slightly ill from eating it (bloating, gas, stomach cramps/pains). Over time, I skipped that slice and now don’t eat it at all. It took me 1 1/2 yrs to swear off the home-made bread (2 slices/mth). But I revelled in the fact that I was clean otherwise, even when eating out (unless they had a sourdough, then I cheated…and paid for it). The last few pieces I had tasted horrible! Your taste buds will come alive for real food. Hang in there!

        Sandra Brigham wrote on August 5th, 2012
    • If you are up for it you could try a little hypnotherapy to cope better with the cravings. My hubby is not going primal with me and it was hell to watch him eat crumbles and pies and cheesecakes in front of me not to mention the smell of fresh bread in the morning. But since I had hypnotherapy I just can’t be bothered, temptation is completely gone and no willpower needed. So much easier, I can really recommend it. Good luck!

      Anna wrote on August 4th, 2012
    • I wouldn’t jump in so full-force. Ease in and just have some of the things you miss. After a while you will not get the cravings. I never had a carb flu because of this. Plus I don’t stick 100% with the primal diet. I just make meat and veggies my mainstay.

      Patrick wrote on August 6th, 2012
  13. Well done! Ignore those naysayers and keep on. They all wish they had what you have! Grok On!

    Pamela wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  14. great job! pizza is by far the biggest challenge for my husband & i. we run into the same issues with people thinking our diet is strange (including family), but i really just don’t care. i know that this lifestyle is best for us!

    Marissa wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  15. Mike, you’ve done an incredible job. You’re looking healthy and strong and I would bet that, even more importantly, you feel healthy and strong as well. Keep up the great work and ignore those who try to feed you the conventional wisdom — it looks like your approach has really worked.

    GeoMike wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  16. Wow! I love that you took pictures as you progressed.

    Pizza is the only food that I struggle with too. I almost never eat it now, but always regret when I do. It can take me two weeks to bounce back after I throw my body out of whack with some pizza. I wish I could get over my cravings for it as easily as I did with the sugary deserts.

    sqt wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Me too. Pizza is the only thing I miss.

      Greg wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • Pizza-lovers – have you tried Meatza? (Pizza with the crust made of ground meat) — soooo yummy! We took some to a pizza party recently and all the (non-Primal) folks LOVED it! I think there’s a recipe on this site, or you can Google it.

        Anne wrote on August 3rd, 2012
        • I might miss pizza but my cravings for cinnamon rolls is unbearable. But nice Italian style neapolitan wood-fired pizza is to die for!

          Peacemaker wrote on August 3rd, 2012
        • Thanks! I will definitely look that up.

          sqt wrote on August 4th, 2012
      • A friend of mine gave me this cauliflower pizza recipe recently. It’s my new favorite food. Seriously. Make it!

        Serves four:

        “Rice” a head of cauliflower in a food processor (i.e. process it until it resembles rice)

        Microwave cauliflower in a bowl on high about 3-4 mins.

        Let cool a bit (10 min?)

        Add two eggs and enough mozzarella to make it into a dough (3-4 handfuls).

        Add generous amounts of Italian seasoning and garlic salt. Mix thoroughly.

        Grab a handful and plop it onto parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet. Shape as desired (i.e. rectangle or circular)

        Pat down to as thin as you want (about 1/2 inch works well) and put in 425 oven for 15-20 mins (depends on how thick, sometimes longer).

        Take crust out when browning consistently around the edges and top with whatever you like (veggies/meats), pop back under broiler to melt the cheese and you’re done.


        jeeter wrote on August 6th, 2012
    • In “The Primal Blueprint”, there’s a reference to an Australian study, which says that the negative adverse effects from sugar consumption last for two weeks in the body, and that might be true to the other “poisonous” foods as well, explaining your observations.

      Grokster wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Here is a paleo pizza recipe from the guys over at Modern Paleo Warfare. Enjoy!

      Barefoot Amy wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • I found a healthy pizza sauce and grass fed mozzarella and I’m experimenting with pizza substitutes. Even just making the sauce and cheese into a hot melty dip and dipping in steamed broccoli is really tasty. You can get a pizza fix without the dough! Right now I have mini pizzas cooking with big zucchini rounds as the crusts. Not sure how that’ll turn out but I had to try it..

      Alice wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  17. You look great Mike! Have you tried Meatza instead of pizza. This was Mark’s post on it.
    I changed the toppings to roasted tomatoes/peppers/onions, and some buffalo mozzarella. It’s fantastic!

    Maureen wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  18. Killin’ it, Mike! I’m enjoying the LG 1-9 feed window as well. It makes life so much easier. Keep at it, man!

    66 wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Thanks! I haven’t quite figured out how to “gain” yet, but I’m getting stronger, which is all I’m really looking for.

      Mike wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • Great job! I really enjoyed the “day-date time stamp” photo sequence. Lots of progress in a short time.

        skeedaddy wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • If you’re getting stronger, then you probably are gaining muscle. If you’re not changing weight, it must be because you’re losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time (possible because of hormones involved in IF). The muscle gains will be less drastic on an IF protocol, however, as it’s not a “bulk” which takes advantage of lots of food to stimulate mTOR (good for general growth). From what I’ve read, you’re doing the progression correctly – stronger then bigger. That’s how Arnold Schwarzenegger trained, after all. Keep doing the Primal stuff and lifting heavy, then if you want hypertrophy (size) switch to 6-12 rep range (for upper body) and like 15-20 rep range (for lower body) and you’ll get bigger (but strength will be slower).

        Also, I’m a college student, so this was a very relevant success story for me. Methinks bacon, eggs, and steak will be 50% of my diet (cafeteria willing…). I am going to start LG protocol next semester, but we’ll see how I can juggle sleep, social life, grades, and primal (oh god, wish me luck).

        Adam wrote on August 3rd, 2012
        • Just wanted to chime in as another college student! I’ll be a freshman at UNC chapel hill this fall. I’ve been primal for 3 years, and am planning on staying that way! It’s nice to hear there are other college age groks out there (:

          Alyssa wrote on August 3rd, 2012
        • Alyssa, I’m a UNC grad (’09) and I still live in town! I don’t personally know any other paleo/primal people, so I’m glad to hear there will be another in Chapel Hill :)

          Maggie wrote on August 3rd, 2012
        • Adam, thanks man. Good luck with it all!

          Mike wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • That was my problem….I just could not eat ENOUGH to gain!

        Michelle wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  19. I think the change in confidence is most dramatic. Look at you! Knowing you look all good. :)

    Brooke wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  20. Great job. There is no need for you to go without pizza. Check these out – two different bases, both delicious:

    Noggin the Nog wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  21. Great job Mike! What percentage of the transformation would attribute to food and what percentage to working out more (as you said 5 to 7 days a week)?

    John wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • I push myself very hard in the gym, but I would venture to guess 80% diet. My body kept (and still is) changing as I maintain the diet.

      Mike wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  22. What is LG 1-9 ?

    Merci :-)

    Chantal wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • I believe it is the Leangains eating window from 1pm to 9pm. Correct me if I am wrong.

      Honeybuns wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • You are correct. Chantal, type leangains into google and you’re off! Combining LG with the primal diet is a great gateway to strength.

        Primal_Libertarian wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  23. Nice transformation! The Friday stories always encourange me to keep on keeping on– oh and BTW– maybe I can encourage some of the heavyweights here at my company (Electrolux) since I am the only one of about 120 ( mix of engineers and techs) to use a stand up desk and run sprints at lunchtime!

    Pastor Dave wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Similar situation here: I am the only one with the standing workstation which I alternate with the 95cm swiss ball as a chair.
      I hope you have better luck than I encouraging other people: my record is a big zero.

      WildGrok wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  24. *catcalls* 😀

    cTo wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  25. Grok would approve (apart from the milk) :)

    Also, your observations of “tons of energy” with working out in the morning while in a fasting state are interesting, but contrary to what I’ve found to be true for myself.

    Grokster wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  26. Awesome Mike! I work out on my lunch break here at work, and I usually do so in a fasted state and then eat immediately afterwards. I too have amazing energy during my workouts!

    @Pastor Dave, Sprints on your lunch break! I’m right there with you.

    TGIF Stories!!!

    edearl wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  27. I think your pictures say it all!! And like so many, I LOVE pizza and have luckily found a grain-free pizza I love…even people that aren’t Primal/Paleo have tried it and had to admit it’s good. I don’t have it often because it’s a lot of cheese/dairy, but when the pizza craving strikes, it’s great! I was on vacation last week with my sisters and their families and we had pizza night – my sisters recently have removed gluten from their diets and were missing pizza, so I made my recipe for the 3 of us while everyone else got take out & they LOVED my pizza!! Even my 17 year old niece tried it and really liked it!

    Carol wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  28. You look amazing!!! Great job and thanks for sharing your story. :)

    Kiara wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  29. I’m going to call you Magic Mike, just because. Wow, you look great. It’s amazing what a few months can do. I think in order to be healthy, feel and look good, you have to be selfish. Junk food pushers beware, primal eaters are selfish and can have a good time without liquor.
    As for the pizza, try Meatsa, its easy to make, use ground meat as your crust. Yummy! Almost like pizza but impossible to eat alone, so share.

    Anna wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  30. Great dedication! The 50 day pullup challenge seems like a fun thing to try.

    I too got the “less fun” card pulled on me when I nixed drinking. Now I volunteer to be the D.D. and everyone is happy about that. Plus watching drunk people is highly entertaining. And no hangover!

    Paleo Bon Rurgundy wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • So no scotch scotch scotch, down in your belly?

      StaceFace wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  31. Great job, man. Love reading these success stories.

    James Hunter wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  32. I can get my pizza fix grain-free with the following very simple preparation:

    In a small oven-proof skillet (I use an 8 inch stainless steel skillet), put a few tablespoons of organic tomato sauce (Muir Glen is awesome)

    Layer fresh mozzarella cheese on top; I like to use curd style cheese because I don’t have to shred or chop it.

    Layer pepperoni slices on top of the cheese.

    Bake for 10 minutes or so at around 350 degrees, til the cheese is melty/bubbly. The tomato sauce will be bubbling up through the cheese and pepperoni. (With the recent summer heat, I have also discovered that this cooks very well when covered on the stovetop at low heat – just mess around with it and keep an eye on it to figure out the right stovetop time and temp.)

    Let it cool for 5 minutes or so on the table, then dig in with a spoon.

    It tastes just like pizza (well duh) and I honestly do not miss the pizza crust! Very simple and quick too.

    Angel wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • We do something very similar, except put it on zucchini. It’s delish and tastes just like pizza.

      Jennifer wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • Oh man. I’m doing that tonight. YUM.

        StaceFace wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  33. Congratulations!

    Keep ignoring those naysayers, you are doing what’s best for you and it clearly shows.

    Grok on!

    Nicole wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Very nice Mike. Congrats. Another great example that almost everything we hear in the mainstream is the mirror opposite of the truth.

      I wish I had taken pictures… Unlike mainstream approaches, Mike’s results ARE typical of a primal diet and lifestyle :)

      Gene wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  34. If being healthy is selfish then by the same reasoning being unhealthy is being, what, generous? From my perspective it’s selfish of people who try to make you feel uncomfortable. If someone give you a hard time about your choices it is they who are being selfish because it is they who want you to conform to THEIR vision of what a good time is or how you are supposed to eat. It’s not any different to me than peer pressure regarding drinking or drugs actually. If you are a non-smoker, is it selfish to not have a cigarette if your friend’s a smoker? Of course not. Not sure why it’s different. I only mention it because you have done so awesome and yet there seemed to be this small part of you that seems to feel guilty about your choices. I’m just trying to articulate why you shouldn’t feel this way at all. Also, you are a perfect example of what Mark means when he talks about changing your gene expression and I’m perfectly jealous. Great job.

    David Cole wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Altruism is over rated.

      Paleo Bon Rurgundy wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • OMG I love your name! Everytime you comment on things I end up reading them with a question mark at the end à la Burgundy: You stay classy, San Diego?

        Veronique wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Thank you for your words. You’re right though, some part of me still feels guilty for some strange reason. Who knew making good choices was so hard?!

      Mike wrote on August 3rd, 2012
      • I feel ya on the guilt. I’ve definitely been there. I think I’m over it now though, which is good! You just have to be real with people, and stand your ground.

        Alyssa wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  35. Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my #… call me maybe? 😉 Keep up the good work!

    Amy wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  36. Niiiiice!!! The irony is that if you went out to the bar now with them, they would quickly figure out they DON’T want you there cause you’d be getting ALL the attention! 😉

    Seriously though, it’s the lifestyle thing and the friends you know you will have to leave behind that always manages to make me procrastinate going primal until… tomorrow. So props to you for doing NOW!

    Veronique wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  37. I bet it’s not the girls who say you’re not fun anymore! HaHa

    You look great! And much more fun to look at :-)

    Jill wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  38. Hey from Norman! Glad to see another Oklahoman here! You’re fabulous.

    femanon wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  39. Great story! It totally mirrors my own experience… ditching the pizza, ignoring the baked potato, saying no to pasta and bread. I took about 8 weeks to transition to paleo by slowly cutting back on grains and such. I’m doing this for me and it’s easy. I’m just a tad addicted to Justin’s Nut butters (Vanilla Almond).

    MCbrownshuga wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  40. Thank you for the inspiration! You look amazing! Congrats!!

    Jess wrote on August 3rd, 2012

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