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3 Aug

The Primal Blueprint Health Challenge

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, reduce stress, increase energy or just generally look, live and feel healthier you’ve come to the right place! Oh, and you can win lots of cool Primal gear, too.

Watch the following video and read the article below for all the details.

Create Your Own 30-Day Health Challenge

This is your first task. It’s time for you to define and commit to your own 30-day challenge.

I’ve created a special forum for The Primal Blueprint Health Challenge. In it you can state your personal 30-day challenge and start a “Primal Challenge Journal” to track your progress.

Use the Primal Blueprint Health Challenge forum to receive positive feedback, advice and help along the way from myself and the Mark’s Daily Apple community.

The Primal Blueprint 101 Newsletter

I’ve created a special newsletter just for this health challenge – The Primal Blueprint 101 Newsletter. If you’re new to the Primal Blueprint or would just like a comprehensive overview of the Primal Blueprint health philosophy visit this page and begin receiving it today.

Daily Contests

The main challenge itself isn’t competitive but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some friendly contests along they way!

Over the course of the next month Mark’s Daily Apple, Primal Nutrition and sponsors will be giving away over $6,000 in prizes.

Here are some rules and answers to FAQ:

  • Contests will run every day for the duration of the 30-day challenge (through Sep. 1), so check back daily!
  • All contest prizes relate in some way to the Primal lifestyle.
  • Some contests will require a bit of leg work while others will require something as simple as commenting on a blog post.
  • There is no limit to how many contests you can participate in.
  • The duration of any one contest depends on the nature of the contest. Some will last the full 30 days (to give you time to complete the contest task) while others will be as short as 1 day.
  • Contest prizes will be awarded either by a random drawing, by reader voting/polling or by an executive decision (who I think should win!).
  • Some prizes will only be available to United States residents.
  • You can track the contests and contest results on the Primal Blueprint Health Challenge Contest Page. It will be updated every day.
  • I’m not being paid by any company that is sponsoring the contest with a prize.

All you have to do to enter today’s contest is leave a comment on this blog post. For all the details visit Contest: Leave a Comment. Win Some Beef.

New to the Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple?

If you are new to the Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple and don’t know where to begin here are some resources:

1. Not sure what it means to “Go Primal”? Check out these articles for the basics:

The Definitive Guide to the Primal Blueprint

10 Ways to “Get Primal”

2. The Primal Blueprint 101 Page

3. The Primal Blueprint 101 Newsletter

4. The Forum – Ask any and all questions you have about the Primal lifestyle.

5. The Book

6. What to eat? – Primal Recipes

7. Have a question? – Contact Me

8. Check back tomorrow for an overview of how to eat and how to exercise according to the Primal Blueprint.

Tell your friends and family about the challenge so they can get Primal, too! Use the “ShareThis” link below to send this article via email.

The 2009 Primal Blueprint Health Challenge has come to a close. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take your own 30 day challenge! Go Primal for 30 days and see what happens to your body and your health. Stay tuned for future health challenges. Grok on!

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Looking forward to how I can further adopt the primal lifestyle….and steak.

    Justin wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  2. Where’s the (grass-fed) beef!?

    cwdana wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  3. Grass fed steak – Grrrrrrrr!

    Bryn wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  4. I’m a beef eater.

    IDRISCKY wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  5. Beef for me, please!

    Brandon wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  6. Excellent! I’ve been reading for about 6 weeks, shifting more and more paleo from a “flegan” — flexible vegan 😉 — diet. Was already there on the exercise bit. Looking forward to this challenge!

    Tamara of In the Night Farm wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  7. I LOVE that this starts on survival week, it’s a 2-fer!
    Now, about that beef….give it up!

    PrimalJewishAmericanPrincess wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  8. So excited to get started on this challenge. Just finished the book yesterday, so the timing couldn’t be better!

    jenniferlynne76 wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  9. Mmmmmm… MEAT! Steak is good.

    So, funny meat story: A few years back, while heading home from a week long camping trip, my friends and I stop in a truck stop along I-80 to eat. The waitress comes over and asks, “What can I get you?”

    One of my friends says, “MEAT!”

    Without skipping a beat, the waitress asks, “And how would you like that?”

    My friend pulls a coin from his pocket, flips it, catches it, slaps it on the back of his hand, looks at it, and in a dejected voice says, “Cooked.”

    Tom wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  10. I’m in for the challenge. My log is started. But, to be honest, I just ordered a side of local, grass fed beef this past Friday, so I certainly don’t need to win this prize.


    dml wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  11. Count me in!

    Florian wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  12. Very excited for the challenge. Just finished the book a few weeks ago!

    Melanie wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  13. Get in my belly!

    Nate Helton wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  14. A friend put me on to going primal – it has been two weeks now and I’ve enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to getting more involved in the community to develop better exercise programs and to stay focused.

    James Hoffmann wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  15. I have lost 20lbs after going primal and have enjoyed many a steak (grass-fed) along the way.

    Stv wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  16. yumsters!

    J. Smaniotto wrote on August 3rd, 2009

    Yummy wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  18. Another 30 days why not? Just finished 100 days and loved it so lets do another 30! and maybe get some yummy beef out of it!

    Lauren Bogner wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  19. Count me in too!

    tedbear79 wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  20. Since going #primal 3 years ago, I’ve lost 30 pounds, found CrossFit and have kept in the best shape of my life. Got my mother to go primal and she lost 30 pounds, and as a Type I diabetic that is awesome for her!

    Looking forward to the contests Mark, but in the end, everyone who changes for the better is a winner!


    George Mounce wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  21. Those steaks sure sound delicious.

    Mike Drew wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  22. Recently slid off the primal wagon. This 30-day challenge and the possibility of steak is all I need to get me back on track!

    annadragon wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  23. Can I substitute a big ‘ole slab of Tofu when I win?

    Mojo Yugen wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  24. I can’t wait to see the rest of the challenges. I’m only a month in on the PB myself and I’ve already seen dramatic improvements in my health and energy! It’s amazing to be able to live again. Thanks Mark!

    FreeToLive wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  25. Holy cow! What a great prize to start the challenge!

    Jenni39 wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  26. This is the kickstart I needed!

    Cate wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  27. Sounds great!

    Mike Allen wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  28. I’ve decided it’s time to go 100% primal.

    Leah wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  29. Hooray beef!!
    I’m starting my challenge tomorrow as I just got out of the ER this morning for a ridiculous amount of poison sumac (I got a little too primal in the woods).
    I’m stocked full of steroids, antibiotics and all kinds of non-primal crap.

    AndreaC wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  30. where’s the beef?

    Kurt Ehnle wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  31. I would like some steak!

    DiabetesCanKissMyButt wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  32. Yummers! Steaks!!!

    hugh wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  33. Winning some beef sure would be a nice way to begin the challenge. I can barely afford rent right now, let alone grass-fed beef.

    jakesmith wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  34. I’ve been trolling this blog for about 90 days. A challenge is a great way to get motivated and get primal

    Timothy Doll wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  35. mmm..beef. Looking forward to the challenges, Mark.

    Jonathan wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  36. Thanks for the contest and the always fantastic articles, Mark!

    Norm wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  37. This beef sounds fantatstic! Hope I win and can chow down, and convince my family of the benefits of paying a bit more for good good GOOD meat!

    Ryan Walther wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  38. since PRIMAL im a NEW person
    thank GOD for PALEO!

    Erika wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  39. I finished the Primal Blueprint a few days ago. Great timing on the challenge!

    Andreas wrote on August 3rd, 2009
  40. Thanks Mark! Looking forward to the challenge.

    Lula wrote on August 3rd, 2009

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