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28 Sep

Primal Blueprint Fitness: Sand and Deliver

This reader-created video is Cathy and Mark’s interpretation of Primal Blueprint Fitness and their entry to this year’s PBF Video Contest. This is one in a series of workout videos, recipe videos and other contest submissions that will be published all week long. View them all and vote for your favorites later this week. Grok on!

You want comments? We got comments:

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  1. Some excellent ideas from this one! Great job.

    SwimCoachNicole wrote on September 28th, 2010
  2. Awesome! I like seeing the kid in there – I did some of those things with mine just the other day!

    Rachel wrote on September 28th, 2010
  3. I really love this one! I love seeing people of all ages too!

    gilliebean wrote on September 28th, 2010
  4. How inspirational! What a wake up call to see all of the fun ways to use our muscles in our own environment. I will never look at stairs and railings the same.

    John DeMarco wrote on September 29th, 2010
  5. Love it. I like the fact they use a TRX as well. Some great exercise ideas.

    Paul wrote on September 29th, 2010
  6. A workout that uses little to no gear?!?! These workouts used a pickup truck, a dog, a whole ocean and a small child! Do you know how expensive a child is? I’m not getting one just so I can work out!

    Great video :)

    Gal @ 60 in 3 wrote on September 29th, 2010
  7. Wow! That was great. I want to be able to do what Cathy does!

    Pam wrote on September 29th, 2010
  8. Loved it! Very inspiring and fun.

    Julie wrote on September 29th, 2010
  9. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.
    It’s both encouraging and validating to hear from people who are open to a “different” way of training, and Mark’s “Primal Blueprint Fitness” hits the important points head on!

    We have always enjoyed training and playing together. In addition to the obvious health benefits of making healthy choices in the foods we eat and activities we pursue, we’re now being rewarded once again as we witness our own children sharing the benefits of an active, playful lifestyle with their kids! It just doesn’t get any better.

    Be well!

    Cathy & Mark

    Cathy wrote on September 30th, 2010
  10. Great video!
    It really shows joy of life, and that a primal lifestyle can be a source of such joy.
    The video is well made too, loved the little details. The dog made me laugh! And how many times a day do you throw that kid up in the air? :-)

    Angus wrote on October 1st, 2010
  11. Nice Video! I don’t know if that was a real fish but if it was that is priceless! I love working out with my kids, and they love to be tossed, as well as the crawling exercises, pushing and squatting. Because kids are not a solid piece of steel, they add an extra dimension of difficulty…and yes they are an expensive piece of fitness equipment!

    Karl MacPhee wrote on October 1st, 2010

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