Contest Results: Primal Breakfast Pics

Last week I asked you to send in pics of your Primal breakfasts. Nearly 100 fantastic photos flooded my inbox. I’ve included them all below. (Click on the thumbnails for full size versions.)

These photos stand to represent the variety of breakfasts on the Primal eating plan and how delicious Primal foods are. I know many people find the breakfast to be the most difficult meal to figure out when making the transition to the Primal lifestyle. Many of us grew up on Frosted Flakes, Pop Tarts, English muffins, waffles, pancakes and toaster strudels as early morning staples. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Revisit this page from time to time for Primal breakfast ideas, and point skeptical friends and family to this page to see their mouths water.

I’ve randomly selected a winning photo. The lucky MDA reader that submitted the photo has just won 5 gallons of fat from U.S. Wellness. Yes, you read that right. 5 gallons of fat – beef tallow to be precise. And the lucky winner is…


You’ve got to love Tamara’s email message that accompanied her winning photo (seen above):

Venison sautéed in bacon grease with roasted pearl onions and garlic, with a side of local organic (and HUGE and SWEET!) blueberries.

And oh yeah, I found a BULLET in my meat!!  That definitely creates a rather primal impression at breakfast.  I didn’t shoot the lovely animal who has provided me with many, many meals, but I’m sure going to have to show my dad what I found in his kill!

Warm regards,


Shoshannah's Breakfast Shoshannah's Breakfast Elizabeth's Breakfast Daniel's Breakfast Carla's Breakfast Jumpow's Breakfast Jumpow's Breakfast Erik's Breakfast Sally's Breakfast Methuselah's Breakfast Ryan's Breakfast Briana's Breakfast Arlo's Breakfast Carrie's Breakfast Ren's Breakfast Bianca's Breakfast Chris' Breakfast Grok's Breakfast 6143238967's Breakfast Matt's Breakfast Anthony's Breakfast Dave's Breakfast Tin Tin's Breakfast Chris' Breakfast Jeff's Breakfast Jeff's Breakfast Nick's Breakfast Jessica's Breakfast Thomas' Breakfast Shawn's Breakfast Rahsaan's Breakfast Bob's Breakfast Adam's Breakfast Krista's Breakfast Evan's Breakfast Bryce's Breakfast Tamara's Breakfast Justin's Breakfast David's Breakfast Grok's Breakfast Dennis' Breakfast David's Breakfast Christian's Breakfast Dan's Breakfast Ingrid's Breakfast Tim's Breakfast Lubomir's Breakfast Don and Sarah's Breakfast Douglas' Breakfast Ben's Breakfast Tamara's Breakfast Krys' Breakfast Maureen's Breakfast Dan's Breakfast Brian's Breakfast Ryan's Breakfast Shirley's Breakfast Michelle's Breakfast Sam's Breakfast Liana's Breakfast Kevin's Breakfast Vivian's Breakfast John's Breakfast Amanda's Breakfast Dana's Breakfast Taylor's Breakfast John's Breakfast John's Breakfast Eric's Breakfast Dimitrije's Breakfast Kimberly's Breakfast Steve's Breakfast Autumn's Breakfast Tim's Breakfast Mikko's Breakfast Ryan's Breakfast Holst's Breakfast Shoshannah's Breakfast Huey's Breakfast Sue's Breakfast Bianca's Breakfast Nick's Breakfast Gillian's Breakfast Ron's Breakfast Terry's Breakfast Meredith's Breakfast Danny's Breakfast Russ' Breakfast Meg's Breakfast Josh's Breakfast Emily's Breakfast Emily's Breakfast Hannah's Breakfast Ken's Breakfast Sean's Breakfast Will's Breakfast Brian's Breakfast Andy's Breakfast Alex's Breakfast Margaret's Breakfast Steve's Breakfast Scott's Breakfast Bill's Breakfast Girl Gone Primal's Breakfast Felix's Breakfast Gayna's Breakfast

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