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3 Mar

Primal Blueprint 2010 Action Plan

Thank you and congratulations are due to loyal Mark’s Daily Apple readers, as you smashed viewership records in February, 2010. had hundreds of thousands of unique visitors and millions of page views! This level of volume ranks as one of the top-5 health and fitness blogs in the world. I am also excited to report that the first printing of The Primal Blueprint (16,500 copies) sold out in December, 2009, and I have recently received a second printing of 20,000 hardcover editions. The book continues to climb the rankings at, reaching the top-250 among all books and top-5 in the Exercise & Fitness category in recent days. (To help me push it to #1 check back on March 17. Read all the details here.)

While this is more than enough self-congratulation for one post, I do want to emphasize the collective power of the Mark’s Daily Apple community and how important it is for our movement to continue to generate mass exposure and appeal. We currently share space on the pop charts with programs that I feel are disastrously in conflict with what our genes require to be healthy. It’s time to displace the overly stressful, high-carb, high-intensity, high-stress diet and exercise programs with lifestyle practices that are healthy and sustainable – not just for the hard-core folks, but everyone balancing the responsibilities of hectic daily life. In pursuit of my modest goal of taking over the diet, exercise, weight loss and health industries, my team and I have several ambitious endeavors in the works for 2010. These are the things you’ve been asking for, and now they’re on the verge of being released. As always, I sincerely appreciate your comments and suggestions to help me deliver the best possible support, educational material, services and products to you. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


You likely have heard about PrimalCon, the 3-day Primal health and fitness retreat on April 23-25 at a seaside resort in Southern California. The Primal Blueprint team and I are eagerly looking forward to a fantastic retreat weekend, our first-ever live gathering of Primal enthusiasts. We understand that budget and logistics make coming to Oxnard difficult to swing, and we want to do the best we can to welcome all interested participants. Along those lines, we are offering a registration discount to full-time students. In fairness to all, we will assert strict qualifying standards and handle requests on an individual basis. Please email to inquire. For lodging, those on a budget can consider the spectacular McGrath State Beach campground (805-654-4744), only 3.7 miles up the coast from the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach resort/conference headquarters. Also, we also encourage you to post on the PrimalCon forum if you are interested in sharing a suite at the Mandalay Beach and/or transportation from the airport with someone else. These options, coupled with advance purchase flights available now from airlines like Southwest (amazing Internet-only specials) can get the cost of your once-in-a-lifetime weekend experience down into a very affordable range.

One final note on PrimalCon: All rooms at Mandalay Beach – including the least expensive rooms (only $149/night) – are limited, so book now to secure your preferred room.

Primal Leap

We are nearing completion of a comprehensive 30-day, step-by-step program to help you reduce excess body fat quickly, safely and effortlessly. Almost as soon as the Primal Blueprint was published, it became clear that there was a strong demand for a companion program that could leverage the principles of the Primal Blueprint into a focused weight loss effort. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the comment, “Hey Mark, great book. I’m ready to go Primal. So….what do I do?” The Primal Leap offers a complete package of support materials, the centerpiece being a detailed Primal Leap Guidebook/Journal that contains action items and extensive journal exercises each week in the areas of diet, exercise and lifestyle. If you want to be told exactly what to do to achieve weight loss and to kick start your Primal life this package is for you.

The Primal Leap Package is more than just a Guidebook. It will also include:

Primal Blueprint DVD

An extensive presentation of all ten laws and other topics from the book in a lively video format. It’s me on-location in the kitchen, at the grocery store, on the beach and in the studio offering up practical tips and teaching the Primal Blueprint lifestyle behaviors.

The Primal Blueprint Audio Book

I narrate a carefully abridged version of the print book, so you can listen on-the-go.

The Primal Blueprint Cookbook

Primal Blueprint Cookbook

A 250+ page hardcover book filled with 100+ dairy-free, gluten-free, low-carb, Primal recipes presented in full color photos. I know that this long-awaited addition to Primal Blueprint publications has been at the top of many of your wish lists. It’s nearing completion and I can confidently say that it will be worth the wait.

You’ll have an opportunity to get a free, digital preview of the book, including 5 of the most mouth-watering Primal recipes, on March 17 (and March 17 only), so check back.

The Primal Blueprint Poster

Primal Blueprint PosterA large 24×30 inch poster that beautifully illustrates the core Primal Blueprint fitness, diet and lifestyle behavior with the 10 Laws, the Primal Blueprint Fitness Pyramid, Food Pyramid and Carbohydrate Curve.

Hang it in your garage, your rec room or anywhere else to keep you inspired and on track.

(Click both thumbnails to zoom in)

All this and other support material will be part of the Primal Leap package. We believe that the Primal Leap will give you the highly specific, practical guidance you need to drop between four and eight pounds of body fat in 30 days, without any struggling, suffering, or rebound effect risks that are inherent in the traditional weight loss approach, and will put you on the right track for optimum health for life. Furthermore, we will offer a one-on-one email/telephone support package if you have personal needs beyond the scope of the program kit.

Primal Blueprint Fitness

With our fitness philosophy well-defined in the form of the three Primal Blueprint exercise laws (Move Frequently at a Slow Pace, Lift Heavy Things and Sprint Once in a While) detailed in the book, we are developing a comprehensive workout system that we believe will fill an important niche for fitness enthusiasts looking for simple, time-efficient workouts that scale to all levels of ability. While there are many fantastic fitness options available today (e.g. – regular readers are familiar with my support of the Crossfit movement, and I am personally a devoted gym-goer – although more for social reasons than equipment requirements), we believe that the Primal Blueprint Fitness (PBF) movement will be very well received by a broad audience. The program will focus on the smooth integration of workouts from each of the three Primal Blueprint exercise laws into a stress-balanced weekly routine that is fun, non-intimidating, logistically simple, easy to learn even for beginners and challenging enough to satisfy even the supremely fit. We are currently putting the finishing touches on a free Primal Blueprint Fitness eBook which we will make available for download at MDA. We are also working with a team of hand-picked consultants to carefully define the parameters, core movements and adaptations, and schedule structure, and are planning a release of a comprehensive DVD workout series to accompany PBF. The DVD presentations will be organized for specialized fitness interests, equipment specifications, and of course ability levels.

Primal Supplements

We are nearing the release of a top-secret nutritional supplement kit that will appeal to even the most hard-core Primal enthusiasts. Code name: Soil, Sun & Oil, this unique product directly addresses the deficiencies and health risks that come from living in today’s world, even when you make a valiant effort to live Primally. Hint: decipher the code name and you might come up with Probiotics, Vitamin D, Omega-3s – three critical nutrients that align directly with the Primal Blueprint laws and are difficult to obtain at optimal levels in today’s world.

My hopes are that all these things combined provide you with the tools and support you need to go Primal. Let me know what you think and Grok on!

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. I have just decided to get the book and now this!? One word, awesome! Mark, thank you so much for your hard work and progress toward all of these products. I can’t wait.

    Phil wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  2. i’ve been looking forward to the cookbook, so thank you mark. i can’t wait to taste those recipes.

    ROLANDO1r wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  3. I cant wait to get the cookbook for the simple reason that there is no worthy gluten, dairy, and high carbs meal free books around.

    Great news.

    Jean-Patrick Millette wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  4. This is amazing news! I finally convinced my boyfriend to give PrimalBlueprint a 30-day shot but he’s still so clueless as to what he should and should not eat to see the results. I think this package would be just what he needs to get him up to speed.
    Some people just hate reading books and no matter how often I stick a PB copy in his nose, he will not read it. He listens to me but I’m not as organized as I think this package will be.
    I’m especially excited about the DVD.

    Great stuff, Mark. Congratulations on such action-packed year plan.

    chocolatechip69 wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  5. 2 weeks seems soooo far away…Can’t wait.

    Pamela wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  6. Congrats Mark!

    Been reading MDA for years (found through Crossfit in the early days) while watching this movement grow and grow. It’s really getting into the mainstream these days. I’m doing my part to spread it here in NYC.

    We’ve got a whole community of people at Old School Fitness NYC getting primal.

    Thanks for simplifying everything and these new products will make the change to primal even easier for folks.



    Mike Rapoza wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  7. This is so awesome! I keep falling off the Primal wagon even though I’ve read the book and tons of supporting research–I WANT to be Primal. But I’m pulled in a million directions and it’s been so hard to give myself time to figure it all out and make my own plan. This will be a life-saver, literally and figuratively. Thank you Mark!

    primalpanda wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  8. Thanks Mark!
    I´m sooo happy to read this post.
    Can´t wait for the Primal Leap and the Cookbook to be out!!!

    Ruth wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  9. Man I wish I had the money go to PrimalCon.

    Ben wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  10. This has made my year. I have been waiting to buy the Primal Blueprint book. Now, it is on my calendar to purchase on March 17 :)


    How many open spots are there for Primal Con? I really want to go and may decide to go if there are open spots in 2-4 weeks.

    Todd wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  11. I love this site.

    Sharon wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  12. Can’t wait for the cookbook. Just got The Primal Blueprint in the mail on Friday and have actually been eating mostly primal for the last 3 weeks. I feel so much better than I did a month ago and I’ve definitely lost some weight.

    Brittany wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  13. I think PrimalCon should be somewhere more central. that way people who don’t have money to fly (me) can drive…

    Paul Von Tersch wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  14. Amazing! Keep up the fantastic work!
    I hope more and more people are primal-ized in 2010

    cosmopolitan primal girl wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  15. Mark, sounds like you and the worker bees have been really busy!!! I was hoping that the recipe requests would turn into a cookbook! Can’t wait!!!

    Deb wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  16. One more thing…

    You continue to talk about losing weight… what about GAINING weight?

    Today I weighed in at 132.8 and I am 5’9″. I eat a lot (more than my 180 lb. father who has a stable weight) but have trouble gaining weight.

    Todd wrote on March 3rd, 2010
      • Thanks Mark! Both articles are printing now and I found another one, Pondering Protein, that should really help! I can’t wait to buy the book on March 17!

        Todd wrote on March 3rd, 2010
        • In the post above, you say “We are nearing completion of a comprehensive 30-day, step-by-step program to help you reduce excess body fat quickly, safely and effortlessly.”

          Will there be a 30-day Weight Gain plan in the workbook as well?

          Woody wrote on March 3rd, 2010
        • Woody – That won’t be the focus of the Primal Leap package per se, but the Primal Leap package is actually much more than just about weight loss. It will give users the tools they need to jump into the Primal Lifestyle. As such one could certainly use the principles therein to change lifestyle behaviors to gain weight an build muscle.

          Mark Sisson wrote on March 4th, 2010
  17. Mark,

    I am excited to see these new additions to the PB. Especially looking forward to the cookbook. I dig making the recipes I have found on MDA and enjoy variations and combination’s of them. You are leading quite a movement and I commend you on your entrepreneurial spirit. Let me know when you want to shoot your PB video on bagging your own wild game with a bow and arrow, I will be happy to host the shoot.

    Ethan House wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  18. Marked my calender for the 17th. Getting a copy for my sister. Can’t wait. Exciting news Mark.

    Kev wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  19. OH.MY.GOD.!

    I cannot wait. I have the book, my Grok shirts are on their way and now this??!! I’m so excited, I can’t even articulate it. My calender is marked for March 17th-free download day. I hope the cover of the cookbook is that exact picture because you’ll definitely sell alot of them. That chicken dish looks absolutely to die for.

    Thank you so much, Mark. My $100 will be well spent.

    Chase wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  20. Awesome! At the rate I’m spreading the word here in Scotland there is definitely a market for a PrimalCon over in the UK!

    Will the Cookbook be available through Amazon UK like Primal Blueprint is currently?

    Grok goes Global, now there’s a slogan :-)

    Kelda wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  21. SOS!

    Matt wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  22. STOKED!

    Danielle wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  23. THANKS MARK!!!!! I am truly looking forward to getting my hands onto this wonderfully complete package.

    Angelina wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  24. Amazing stuff Mark. I’m really excited about the cookbook. I’m really hoping that there are some things in there that are not available on the website, as I think i’ve printed out all of them that my wife and i are interested in. Either way, it will be a great tool for helping our friends get primal. People always respond better to visual aids, and black and white print-outs don’t cut it.

    anzy wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  25. Great news! Here’s to Primal world domination! 😉

    Plaid Dad wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  26. To be clear, The Primal Blueprint Cookbook mentioned in this article is completely separate from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook Challenge in which blog readers send in their Primal recipes to be published on MDA. None of the recipes on the site will be featured in the hardcover print book; they’ll all be unique.

    We do our best to bring the best Primal recipes anywhere on the net to MDA each week, but I’ve got to say that the recipes and photos in this cookbook are a cut above anything we’ve done here on MDA. I’ve been working with a professional chef, Jennifer Meier, on this project, and I’ve been blown away by how it has all come together. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    Stay tuned!

    Mark Sisson wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  27. For The Primal Cook Book, you should add at the end lots of Blank Pages for Additional Recipes that us Primalists create and discover overtime and post on MDA. Maybe a blank format of a recipe page, that you use in your book. ^_^

    Im talking about alot of extra pages or something lol…

    M wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  28. Cannot wait for my primal leap package!!!!! HURRY UP!

    Leslie wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  29. SO excited for the cookbook. My husband loves ALL the recipes you post, and especially since whole foods has gone vegetarian it’s harder to find good MEATY recipes :) This is really great Mark… thank you!

    eli wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  30. MARK…great post!
    I am lookin forward to the updates!

    Could you send me a larger image of the poster please?


    Rob wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  31. I am very excite!!

    Haha, but no really, I am…I am an awful cook and having a cookbook would help immensely…I can never seem to find primal friendly recipes on the internet. ):

    Hannah wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  32. Mark – this is great to hear. I am sat here eating my half a roast chicken (skin and all) and very much looking forward to the Primal Leap to further kick start my healthy lifestyle. Thanks… keep it coming.

    Paul Tomes wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  33. Mark, you and the Worker Bee’s rock! Thank you for not only being someone with boatloads of wonderful knowledge willingly sharing it for free here, but also for always making us feel part of the process. You are amazing! The things you do here for me and others is truly inspiring and I share with anyone who will listen your website, the information found here, and have loaned out my book 3 times since I have owned it and that has not been very long. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all! You have changed my way of thinking and therefore my life. And now with these fitness videos-you have found my weak spot! Love workout videos (and cookbooks!)! Yay me!!!!!!!!!!!)

    pauleygirl wrote on March 3rd, 2010
  34. Hooray! I’m really looking forward to the fitness help. I’m not overweight, I just want to build muscle and it gets a little intimidating to get started with the fitness aspect with all these Crossfitters around, especially since I get winded walking up the stairs! 😉

    kcurtain wrote on March 4th, 2010
  35. Very, very, very good news… I’ll be ansiously for these goodies!

    Congrats and keep on the good work.

    Best regards from Portugal.

    Gonçalo Santos wrote on March 4th, 2010
  36. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE keep this afforable. I have found that the hardest part of being primal is affording it. Don’t get me wrong, the health benefits are amazing and long term I will save on medical costs, but that doesn’t pay the grocery bill now. It sounds like there will be an amazing amount of information in the action plan and it would be a shame to miss out because it is expensive. Maybe a payment plan? 😉

    Mark, I want you to know that I am so grateful for your blog and book. I have not felt this good since I was in jr. high. You have changed my life and when it comes down to it, I would hve paid anything for that!

    PrimalMama wrote on March 4th, 2010
  37. Great Mark. I hope you consider distribution via, right from the beginning.

    The PB book took more than 8 months to appear in Amazon uk.

    Dont forget about primal community in europe…

    Looking forward to all: cook book, primal leap and Primal fitness…

    thania wrote on March 4th, 2010
  38. As a log time follower of this blog (over two years, daily addiction, since the early days of the little icon of Mark with an apple), I can’t stop admiring what was done here.
    Mark, you’ve influenced my life, and apparently the lives of many others, turned them into better and healthier.
    I thank you for that and happy to see the business growth side by side the content growth.

    CF_IL wrote on March 4th, 2010
  39. This is very exciting indeed! Thank you so much for everything! ^_^.

    CaveCravings wrote on March 4th, 2010
  40. Mark, unrelated, but what are your thoughts on this fish oil/PCB news going down? WFS

    Chris P. wrote on March 4th, 2010

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