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Today’s Poor Health and Fitness Result of Faulty “Conventional Wisdom”; New Book by Health Expert Mark Sisson Says Key is Reprogramming Genes

MALIBU, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The increasing deterioration of health and fitness in today’s society is directly attributable to faulty “conventional medical wisdom” relating to diet, exercise, and how to handle health problems. The solution is to combine modern genetic science with the immutable principles of human evolution to reprogram one’s genes by following 10 diet, exercise and lifestyle “laws” that promote vibrant health, peak longevity and weight loss.

This assessment of the problem with modern health and prescription for returning human beings to the excellent health enjoyed by mankind 10,000 years ago is advanced by Mark Sisson, a nationally respected health and fitness authority, in his new book published this week titled The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, boundless energy and vibrant health.

In his book, Sisson points to numerous factors that have caused human health to deteriorate over the centuries since our hunter-gatherer ancestors led healthy, productive and relatively stress-free lives. He attributes this “devolution” of health to the advent of agriculture and the technological progress of civilization, as well as the failure of corporate America, the government and today’s weight loss and fitness “experts” to dispense accurate, sensible advice about diet and exercise.

Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint” philosophy details 10 behavior laws that serve as a road map to overcome today’s negative cultural influences that cause people to mismanage their genes. Instead, Sisson stresses, the Primal Blueprint allows us to take control of our health, guided by the success story of human evolution. While the laws are simple and straightforward, he adds, they frequently oppose many well-accepted notions about diet and exercise that cause even devoted health and weight loss enthusiasts to fail. The laws are:

  • Eat lots of plants and animals – even high fat animal products are nutritious.
  • Avoid poisonous things – this includes processed foods and grain products.
  • Move at a slower pace – slowing down exercise can bring fitness breakthroughs
  • Lift heavy things – short, intense sessions are preferred to prolonged, exhausting sessions.
  • Sprint occasionally – can stimulate muscle growth, fat loss and delay aging process.
  • Get adequate sleep – critical to health, but abused today.
  • Play – unstructured fun can enhance work productivity.
  • Get plenty of sunlight – dangers of sun exposure and cancer risks are overstated.
  • Avoid stupid mistakes – cultivating one’s vigilance and risk management skills are critical.
  • Use your brain – creative intellectual pursuits help one keep refreshed, passionate and positive.

Sisson commented: “The Primal Blueprint laws emanate from my own lifelong research and personal experience as an athlete and coach, as well as input from the world’s leading evolutionary biologists, paleontologists, geneticists, physicians, anthropologists, nutritionists, and other researchers. The Primal Blueprint themes and lifestyle recommendations have been tested by readers of my blog, ‘Mark’s Daily Apple’ ( who report hundreds of success stories on weight loss, fitness and competitive success, and reduction in debilitating health conditions.”

Sisson, whose blog in two years has reached the top 10 of the 120,000 health and fitness Internet blogs, has written four other health and fitness books and over 50 articles in national magazines. A former world-class endurance athlete, Sisson has trained Hollywood celebrities and world champion athletes, was Secretary General of the International Triathlon Union and its liaison to the International Olympic Committee. He is the founder and president of Primal Nutrition, Inc., a supplement company.

The Primal Blueprint is currently available for purchase through ( or