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The Weston A. Price Foundation (review)

“If each person on the planet tried out a different diet book, you would probably run out of people before you ran out of books. On the other hand, if you count the number of diet books that are worth anything, you would run out of books before you ran out of fingers on that same hand. The Primal Blueprint, which author Mark Sisson considers not a diet plan but rather a way of life, immediately distinguishes itself…”

Robb Wolf (review)

“As an overview (if you do not want to read a bunch of details) TPB is EXCELLENT. Mark is funny, spot on with the science and he tackles the whole thing from the perspective of a coach (sound familiar?). This is why, on a macro-scale TPB works so well and has been so popular. It’s a well-written book, it’s accessible, and it’s based on approaches that actually work for people.”

Lew Rockwell (review written by Karen DeCoster)

“Mark’s style is for the layman. He takes science and pares it down to simple and intuitive principles for living. He offers no gimmicks, no promises, no regimens, and he doesn’t offer to provide you with expensive and ridiculous meal plans. Again, the premise of Primal Blueprint is putting the responsibility for your health into your hands, and teaching you how to win control over your life in spite of the numerous sources of conventional wisdom that are consistently shilling for big politics, special interests, and the establishment.”

Healthy Lifestyle Design (review)

“The Primal Blueprint is not intended to be restrictive and complex. Quite the opposite. The philosophy is architected upon 10 simple tenets. These tenets provide direction (the macro-level context), that’s it. The individual choices are left to you. That’s to your advantage – and why the Primal Blueprint knocks-out all other “diet programs” with one blow. You’re empowered to make all the choices, they aren’t micromanaged for you.”

uncommon knowledge (review)

“Sisson’s primal blueprint for healthier and happier living flies in the face of much so-called official wisdom (eat plenty of grains; exercise at set times, the more the better; avoid too much meat and fats), but he backs it all up with detailed research and science as well as masses of common sense. And just take a look at him and his wife, both well into their fifties and both looking as naturally buff as any naturally toned thirty-year-olds.”

Gym Junkies (review)

“I give Mark Sisson’s “The Primal Blueprint” my highest recommendation! Mark is a hell of a guy, and his book will inspire you to make some serious changes in your life.” (review)

“As usual, Mark’s writing is great. The chapters are well laid out and include multiple examples which are easy to understand. While there are some high end biology, genetics and nutrition discussions, all of them are well explained. In other words, this isn’t just a book for fitness enthusiasts, it’s also accessible for people who are just now getting into a healthier mindset.” (review)

“This is not a short-term, weight-loss diet book but a book for those wanting to make life-long, healthy dietary changes, lose weight, reverse chronic disease, and develop a fun but productive exercise regime.”

Dollface (review)

“I highly recommend you buying the book, you will not regret it, it cost me $67NZD but worth every penny. When I think of how much in the past I have spent on ‘diet/lifestyle’ books man have I wasted some $$. I don’t feel like I have wasted any money on the PB Book, it’s well worth the read.”

Mas o Menos (review)

“Not only am I recommending the book, because it was well written and edited, but also because I’ve put a lot of these principles into practice in the past year and I KNOW they work.”

Pay Now, Live Later (review)

“…The Primal Blueprint is more than a book about how to eat or exercise according to ancestral patterns. Rather, it is a philosophy of life Mark Sisson has constructed around the framework of ancestral principles. For this reason, and because he is happy to imbue the book with his personal views, experiences and humour, it is a genuinely pleasurable read.”

Natural Bias (review)

The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson is one of the most well rounded resources that I’ve come across on this subject and I wish it was available years ago because it addresses nearly all aspects of a healthy lifestyle from a single perspective.

2Blowhards (review)

“I think of Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint” as a pattern book for fitness and health. It reads straight through — but it’s also a prismatic experience, with each section illuminating all the other sections. It exists to help you roll your own fitness and health. It’s an impressively lucid distillation of a lot of research and material. It’s likably peppy — but it’s also impressively substantial and deep.”

Shaping Concepts (review)

“Mark Sisson, an expert on primal eating and nutrition has a great new book entitled the “Primal Blueprint” that I’d highly encourage you to check out. In my opinion this is probably the best book on nutrition that you can have in your library.”

Life Isn’t Over At 40 or Any Age (review)

“Whether you are a first timer at attempting good nutrition or an old dog in the gym – or even just a person half interested in health – reading the Primal Blueprint should be one book added to your Amazon Wish List.”

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