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In Defense of Pranks

A Monday Moment

Actually, two moments.

First, Sara (a newly-minted Stumbleupon addict) “stumbled upon” this amusing prank-turned-art [1]. Or, art-turned-prank. At any rate, in the grand tradition of such Monday Moments as Partying Is Healthy [2], this link got me mulling over my great and abiding love of mischief. Prankery is healthy (provided you don’t take it too far). Remember how much fun you had as a kid calling up the local five and dime and wreaking havoc? (Caller ID just had to ruin a good thing. What do kids do these days?) Or toilet-papering the home of the neighborhood curmudgeon?

I’m not advocating that you “T.P.” your neighbor’s house or regress to the intellectual equivalent of a spastic 12-year-old (perhaps a redundancy), but I am increasingly inclined to emphasize the tremendous health value of fun. I’m perfectly happy to discuss cardio, glucose or antioxidants, of course. But why do we really want to be healthy? Among other things, for pleasure and satisfaction. Longevity is meaningless without fun and fulfillment. So go party, and prank away.

This is Hyku’s Flickr Photo [3]

Second: Philosophical, humorous, and otherwise memorable quotes are a perennial favorite of just about everyone. I have a “quote of the day” set up on my RSS reader, and today’s – from Dave Barry – struck me as especially encouraging: Your friends love you anyway. That says it all (note to perfectionists). And, my two cents’ worth: if they don’t, just move on. Anyone worth your time will “get” you, and anyone who doesn’t get you isn’t worth your time. And, by the way, that’s actually okay; it’s not bad if someone doesn’t like you or get you. It just is.

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