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18 Mar

The Definitive Guide to Nuts

Of all Primal-approved food categories, none is more bedeviling to even seasoned followers of the lifestyle than nuts. The questions never end. What is a nut? When you’ve got all these nut-like gymnosperms, drupes, and legumes masquerading as nuts, what even qualifies as an actual nut? Does it even matter? Or phytic acid. Is it or isn’t it a problem? And soaking — am I supposed to soak every type of nut, just some nuts, or none of them? Aren’t nuts really high in omega-6s, which we’re supposedly trying to limit or at least balance with our omega-3 intake? How do we reconcile that conflict? Why is “hazelnut” one word, while “pine nut” is two?

I’m out of breath, but this is a fairly representative sample of the nut-related questions I receive from readers. It is confusing, so today I’m going to give you the definitive guide to nuts. After today’s post, you’ll have a solid grasp of which nuts you should and maybe shouldn’t be eating.

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17 Mar

The Autoimmune Protocol: What to Do When Nothing Else Has Worked

Today’s guest post is from my good friend Tara Grant, truly a superstar in the Primal/paleo/ancestral health movement. Tara started out as a success story: “Tons of Doctors and No Solution” – one of the most visited stories in our entire archive. She’s had a change of attitude since that article was published. As she says in this article, Luckily, none of the doctors I saw over the years had any idea what was going on.”

In 2013, I published her remarkable book called The Hidden Plague, which details the painful and poorly understood skin condition of Hidradenitis supprativa (HS). (The Hidden Plague is on sale for just $3.99 this month. See the details below.) Enter Tara…

People by the thousands are reclaiming their health and shedding diseases as well as excess pounds. Their shouts from the rooftops are giving credence to our movement: eating and moving naturally works. Our bodies are designed to be healthy, fit and lean. If we just give our genes the right input, everything will magically fall into place.

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16 Mar

Dear Mark: Vegetables on a Budget, Low Ozone Sun Exposure, Eating Breakfast, and PrimalCon 2015

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, we’ve got four questions. First up is from Chris, who wonders whether vegetables are worth buying on a limited food budget. He’s finding it difficult to justify spending money on low-calorie vegetation when fatty meats, avocados, coconut oil, and other calorie-dense foods are available. Is he right? Next, how do low atmospheric ozone levels modify my recommendations for sun exposure? Then, is there actually any justification for the oft-heard claim that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? For some people, maybe. Find out if you’re one of them. Finally, rumors that PrimalCon 2015 has been canceled have been circulating. Could it be true?

Let’s go:

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15 Mar

Weekend Link Love – Edition 339

Weekend Link LoveChef Rachel Albert passed away last Saturday. We’ll all miss her dearly.

The 2015 Diabetes Summit doesn’t kick off until March 23, but my presentation – The Primal Solution for Type 2 Diabetes – is already available. You can register here to watch it.

The team at Thrive Market saw my Top 50 Essential Paleo Pantry Foods article last week, and offered to create a really handy gallery page that contains most of the paleo food items in the list. Saves a lot of clicking. Take a look.

I’m an investor in and advisor to a brand new bike company called Brilliant. They’ve got a really unique concept and value proposition, and they’re just about to go live to the world. Exciting times. To mark the occasion they’re giving a bike away to one lucky winner. Enter to win here.

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14 Mar

Sweet Potato Skins

Potato Skins1Remember when potato skins were on the appetizer menu of almost every bar and casual restaurant? Looking back now through Primal eyes, there are so many things wrong with potato skins (starchy russet potatoes, loads of low quality grated cheese, Ranch dressing on the side) it seems wise to banish them forever. And yet, admit it….you still have a spot in your heart for potato skins, don’t you?

Whether it’s because of nostalgia or that crispy skin and creamy filling, cravings for potato skins may come up from time to time. And that’s okay, because this recipe for meaty sweet potato skins (cheese optional) gives the appetizer a Primal makeover.

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