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23 Jul

Limited-Time Offer: Enter to Win My Favorite Things

Email_Sisson2_071715_520x460I’ve got another really cool free contest for you: Enter to win a $100+ valued gift box of my favorite Thrive Market products.

Here are a few more logistics: No purchase required…three lucky winners will be randomly selected…and you’ve gotta seize the day, because the offer expires on July 29.

Update: Good news! Thrive Market has made some technical updates. Now existing Thrive Market members can enter, too, so members and non-members alike eligible to win.

I jumped at the opportunity to participate in this contest because it gives me a way to solve a very common dilemma. A question I hear all the time from Mark’s Daily Apple readers, and my family and friends who are interested in living primally, is “how do I start?” And then, “where do I go from here” and “how do I keep it going?”

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22 Jul

The Primal Laws: 8 Honorable Mentions

Way back in 2008, I revealed the foundation underpinning the Primal Blueprint: the 10 Primal Laws. These behaviors and environmental influences comprised the daily lives of our ancestors for hundreds of thousands of years and continue to shape our collective genomes today. Even if you haven’t read the book, definitive guide, or seen the laws before, they should look pretty familiar. Most everything I write about on this blog and in my books uses them as touchstone. Much changes, but everything stays the same:

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21 Jul

From “The Games” to “The Cert”: The Story Behind the Grundler Brothers

Today marks the launch of an annual competition I’m sure you’re all familiar with: The CrossFit Games. For those of you out there who love CrossFit—for the challenge it offers, the physical results it produces, and the community it provides—you’ll get to tune in for a daily dose of inspiration. And for those of you who don’t practice CrossFit, the takeaway from today’s story is the same: taking the plunge, deepening your knowledge, and having someone supportive to cheer you on and test your limits, can lead to extraordinary accomplishments. Life is about picking new challenges and conquering them with your clan, your tribe, your family (whether the ones you’re born with or the ones you choose). I know we have our own primal tribe here at Mark’s Daily Apple, so I thought it’d be worth sharing a story about living awesome with the support of a community that wants to see you succeed.

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20 Jul

Dear Mark: Metformin for Life Extension, Too Many MEDs, MED for Lifting Addict, and Horseback Riding

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering four questions. First, does the diabetes drug metformin have life-extending potential for non-diabetics? Then, the final three questions come from the comment board of last week’s Minimum Effective Dose post. First, is it possible to try to do too many minimum effective dose workouts in a week. Yes, absolutely. I explain why a reader who seems to want to incorporate every single routine listed in last week’s post probably shouldn’t try. Next, what if someone truly loves training? Should he or she still try to figure out the minimum effective dose for his workouts? And finally, is horseback riding an effective stand-in for walking?

Let’s go:

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19 Jul

Weekend Link Love – Edition 357

Weekend Link LoveInterested in the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification Program? It’s easier to invest in yourself and go deeper into Primal living than ever before with our Dollar Down Payment Plan. Just put down $1 today and $89 for the next 12 months and you gain instant access to the most comprehensive online ancestral health program in the world.

Research of the Week

Feel like an afternoon snack? Berries will keep you fuller longer than an equally-caloric baked item.

Most packaged gluten-free foods are just as unhealthy as their gluten-replete counterparts.

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