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22 Oct

A Brief History of U.S. Dietary Guidelines

USDA_Food_PyramidPrior to 1980, how in the world did anyone know how to eat? When you think of all the centuries, the millennia of human existence, how did the species manage to survive bumbling their way through day after day of undirected eating patterns? I’m guessing those of you who know me expected a few irreverent remarks when you read the title of today’s post. Still, I’ll try to keep myself on a short leash today. It’s a legitimate and even, in some regards, culturally (and probably politically) significant question: why were government dietary guidelines ever put in place—and what was the backstory of their uses and modifications over time? Finally, what perspective can it bring to our understanding of embracing a “niche” dietary model like the Primal Blueprint?

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21 Oct

The Primal Prescription: Surviving the “Sick Care” Sinkhole (A New Primal Book Plus Limited-Time Bonus Offer)

Primal_Prescription_3D (1) 549When I wrote The Primal Blueprint, my vision was, perhaps, a lofty one. I wanted to see a healthier world. I wanted to illuminate the path towards greater medical independence. I wanted to help readers eat, move, lift, play, and sleep their way to the best “health insurance” of all: living in accordance with our primal genes.

And as scientific research continues affirming the benefits of an ancestral-inspired diet (while reader success stories pour in daily, echoing the same), it seems that vision is coming to fruition. Primal living is proving itself more valuable than anything that can be bottled, pilled, or scribbled on a doctor’s prescription pad. Across the globe, primal adherents are reclaiming not only their health, but their independence from pharmaceutical and medical shackles—and the number of those “system expats” is growing.

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20 Oct

Health Perspective for Every Stage of Life: Part 2

women2Last week I took up the subject of health through the varying stages of life. What does health mean to us? How should we develop it or live it within the scheme of the different stages we go through as logistical events and developmental maturity shift the focus and parameters of our lives? How do our major milestones challenge our approach to well-being? Let’s pick up that topic again and finish off the discussion. I hope you’ll share your own thoughts on how differing stages of life influenced your thinking about health and what approaches fit the times best for you.

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19 Oct

Dear Mark: Do Hunter-Gatherers Sleep Less Than We Thought?

An image of a full moon night

For years, we’ve thought that hunter-gatherers slept like babies: long and hard. They’d drift off as the sun dropped, lingering around the ubiquitous campfire only for a short time, sleep a good 8-10 hours, and waking up at first light bright eyed for the next day. For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m examining a study that calls these assumptions into question. What if hunter-gatherers don’t actually sleep any more than us? What if the absence of artificial light doesn’t lead to a ten hour session of blissful repose under the stars?

Let’s go:

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18 Oct

Weekend Link Love – Edition 370

Weekend Link Love

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Research of the Week

Men really do prefer sex over food.

The danger of eternal summer, or how central heating and AC have disrupted our seasonal biology.

It turns out that elephants, who never really get cancer despite having 100-times as many cells as humans, have over 40 copies of a cancer-inhibiting gene. Humans? Two copies.

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