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6 Mar

The Fuming Fuji Says No to Juice

The Fuming Fuji Says No!

The Fuming Fuji is outraged at the marketing of toxic food, especially when it’s aimed at the small fry. This week, the Fuming Fuji has decided to have a serious problem with juice.

But, Fuming Fuji, you say, juice is healthy for children!

The Fuming Fuji says no!

The claim: Fuji, you’ve gone too far this time. Of all the things on earth for you to fume about – juice? Juice is fruit! It has vitamins!

The catch: I see, you are the juice police. You must be very proud of your sugar water. Yes, fruit is healthy. But juice is not fruit. That is like saying broth is chicken.

The comeback: You know what? Sometimes you draw really creepy analogies, Fuji. I’m giving my kids juice, because they need their vitamins. And there’s nothing you can do about it, you angry little apple!

The conclusion: Do you think an apple would have an incentive to lie about juice being healthy? Well, okay, maybe. But you are very much mistaken if you think sugar water is beneficial to the tiny tots! There are much better ways to get vitamins into small fry, such as vegetables and fruit. And Fuji knows that most juice is not even real juice. Why are chemicals, dyes and corn syrup acceptable fuel for precious seedlings? The Fuji does not accept!

The catchphrase: Juice is juicy – and that is the problem.

Disclaimer: Mark Sisson and the Worker Bees do not necessarily endorse the views of the Fuming Fuji.

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5 Mar

The Mix

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites

All the news you want to click.

But the Bubbles!

“Hot” male fertility news.

There they go...

Do It Naturally

Kids fare better on ibuprofen than other painkillers, according to a puny study just hitting the news. Fine. But if you’re wanting to give those rugrats an extra advantage in the pain-busting department, help them reduce inflammation naturally by cutting the refined carbs and sugary snacks they eat. More tips:

– A few things to eliminate: soda, sports drinks, sugary cereals, white bread, and candy.

– Make sure they eat some sort of green vegetable at every meal.

– Introduce them to garlic. Even the most devout little onion-haters will eat garlic.

– Get them flossing!

An example of what not to feed your child. Ever.

On that note, people who could care less about your kids.

Does obesity stimulate the onset of early puberty? It’s a small study proving association only, but it’s one more reason children’s health is important.

Web it out:

Mainstream news is jumping on the Web 2.0 bandwagon. USA Today is revamping itself to be blog-friendly. Expect other big media outlets to follow suit.

5 Mar

And Another Thing…

Here are some excellent blogs that address financial freedom, creativity, careers, mental health, positive growth, and more. While my goal for my blog is to get you physically healthy, lean, energized and fit, that certainly isn’t the only component of great health.

Every positive thing, in every part of your life, adds up to a healthier you. So, my definition of “health” is pretty broad – but then, shouldn’t it be? It’s not about how long you live or how much you make, but how well you live and what you do with what you’ve got.

Genius Types

Ririan Project

Zen Habits

How to Change the World


Dumb Little Man

The Simple Dollar

Now, let’s get to it: how ’bout that goal of being healthy, lean, energized and fit? Whether you indulged over the weekend or managed to be saintly (sure), start the week off right with a big, vegetable-packed salad and 10 minutes getting your heart pumping. It’s sunny here in SoCal, but even if you’re staring out the window at snow, there’s no law against push-ups.

This week we’ll be bringing you some surprises, so stick around.

5 Mar

A Monday Moment

Keeping up with the Joneses

I’m always amazed at how far people will go to keep up appearances – or keep up with the Joneses. Truth be told, these days, the Joneses themselves are usually living paycheck to paycheck like everyone else – albeit a bigger paycheck.

The vast majority of Americans carry too much consumer debt. Our average credit score leaves something to be desired. Big mortgages are possible thanks to interest-only loans. I see 21-year-olds with student loan balances rivaling the profit margins of healthy small businesses.

Wow, thanks, Mark. Just what I needed on a Monday. Now, now, before you get too irritated, stick with me. This isn’t to depress you – let’s take a moment to put things in perspective so we can all have a healthy, productive week.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re busting your back just to make ends meet. Everybody is. Even the Joneses (especially them). In fact, give yourself a big break – the Joneses are sweating bigger bullets than anyone.

There are plenty of great blogs out there for financial advice on getting out debt, finding the career of your dreams, staying positive, and so on. The purpose of this post is simply to help you get your head in the right place – a positive, realistic place (they’re not mutually exclusive). The less pressure you feel just to keep up with life, the happier you will be. Happy = healthy.

With years of hard work, intense focus and plenty of practice, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some nice successes (setbacks, too). I’m grateful for that. One thing I can tell you is that the worst thing you can do is to put pressure on yourself to appear like those you’re impressed by – often, they’re actually worse off than you are. So many times, it’s nothing but a false face.

Much of our stress, resentment and striving could be eliminated by simply accepting that how we live – not how the friends or the neighbors live – is truly good enough. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ambitious or seek rewards, of course. But do ask yourself who you’re putting pressure on yourself for.

Are you driving the car with the hefty payment because you get so much joy from that car, it outweighs the burden of the cost? Or is it because you’ve always felt like you’d be more respected if you could sport around town in a nicer car? Do you live a nice lifestyle but run your bank account down to nothing by the end of the month, anxiously waiting for the next check? And is that feeling worth the hour spent in a nice restaurant eating food you’ll forget about a few days from now?

Only you know what truly can satisfy you and bring you happiness. We all have different stress thresholds and we all view the trade-offs of nice things differently. The key is not getting caught in the fear-greed-fear-greed cycle, because it’s a form of slavery – talk about something devastating to your health.

Financial freedom isn’t easy – it requires major effort and sacrifice. It can take years to crawl out from difficult circumstances. At the end of the day, you may never earn that fat paycheck, and you might not get everything you want – in fact, guaranteed, you won’t. This is true for everyone. That’s the big illusion. Even the Joneses aspire to be someone else. For all you know, they want to be you. So why not aspire to be the one person you can be: you.

Seek to get what you, and only you, really need. At the end of our lives, does anyone say “Man, I wish I’d had the bigger power tools,” or, “If I just had gotten that plasma T.V., my life would have been complete!”? I doubt it (and frankly, good riddance to those poor souls).

The things that really make us happy are intangible: love, friendship, companionship, fulfillment, acceptance, peace, health, trust, confidence. None of those things cost a cent, yet many of the trivial, material things we seek to acquire can create a debit on those priceless gifts. It’s not just interest we pay back.

5 Mar

Weekly Health Challenge

A great way to stay fresh, mentally and emotionally, is to try something new. That could be a new crossword puzzle, a subscription to a new magazine with a different viewpoint from yours, a better toothpaste, or even a new vegetable.

Choose something that is an improvement or a challenge, so you’re not just randomly trying something new. Why not make a positive change now? One little change can create a cascade of wonderful new developments.

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