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17 Aug


Here’s an entertaining little “primal” snippet about the birds and the bees (G-rated).

prehistoric dating

Ahem, and now for more serious health news:

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16 Aug

Healthy Tastes Great!

Seared Tuna Steak

This seared tuna is simple to make, delicious and a great source of niacin.

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16 Aug

Another Night, Another Niacin Flush

This week’s Smart Fuel: 3 Delicious Sources of Niacin


This is Niacin!

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16 Aug

It’s Shiny, But It’s Still a Scam

gettin jiggy wit itI got a question last week from reader Barbara about colloidal silver supplements. For the record, this alternative health remedy is both ineffective and unsafe. It’s the latter that concerns me most, of course. A lot of the things we do for health are ineffective (homeopathy for starters; glandulars are another). Others are actually dangerous (the fat-free diet trend of the 90s that’s contributed to our metabolic syndrome epidemic). Colloidal silver supplements fall into the dangerous category.

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15 Aug

44 Finger Lickin’ Recipes for Vegans and Carnivores Alike

You’ll want to bookmark this one!

You frequent readers know Mark espouses a lifestyle that is both low-carb and omnivorous. I am a lapsed vegetarian who can’t seem to eat enough fat, while Aaron likes to fuel his long bike rides with sensible whole grains like brown rice. Our staff and families run the gamut from vegetarian to Paleo to, well, the haven’t-outgrown-the-college-diet-diet. And you readers have different diet favorites, from grass-fed beef fans like Crystal to natural soy partakers like Ben to vegans like Mike and Danielle. And there’s no reason we can’t all come together to do what we do best: eat some seriously good food!

These recipes are carb-smart, interesting, and completely suitable for everyone. Yes, that’s right – meals that are both low-carb and vegan-friendly! Meatasauruses, you can always add in the flesh of your choice. 😉 Some of these recipes do call for dairy, but we’ve done our best to provide vegan alternatives.

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