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7 Aug

The Fattest States

Our pals at CalorieLab have published their annual ranking of the heftiest states. All right, all you Colorado people, what’s the secret? Mississippi is once again the “winner” for most obese, and California remains unchanged.

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6 Aug

News Happens: from Vegansexuals to McDonald’s

Worker Bees’ Buzz:

Forget Secret Sauce: It’s the Wrapper

Children favor food with recognizable branding, proving that they are highly susceptible to junk slingers restaurant chains like McDonald’s.

Common “Safe” Chemical We’re All Exposed to Is Not So Safe!

Plastic. Remember plastic? The chemicals in plastic do not cause harm…in theory. In reality, the frequent exposure to plastic in daily life is dangerous. Here’s the scoop.

More on Moore and the Healthcare Debate

If you haven’t read Mark’s provocative proposal for overhauling the health system, be sure to catch it here. And this just in from the New York Times. Is less more? Is more more?

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6 Aug

The 7 Rules of Summer Safety (Don’t Be Like This Guy)

The 7 Rules of Summer Safety:

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6 Aug

The Hipster TV Tray

Hang it allJust what we need.

TV trays are back, but I think it’s obvious that the demographic these cool enablers are being aimed at was still in diapers at the time trays reigned supreme (so I’m old). I gotta ask: why do we need to make food convenient? Where are all the starving Americans?

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3 Aug

Summer Weekend Recipes

Here are two recipes that will treat you right this summer weekend. Enjoy a perfect, mouth-watering mix of watermelon, heirloom tomatoes and feta cheese (trust us it’s delicious) while picnicking this Saturday. Then wake up late to a delectable summer brunch of vegetable and cheese frittata.

It looks like it is going to be a good weekend!

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