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20 Jul

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Here are all the 2007 goodies distilled from over 500 posts here at Mark’s Daily Apple. These posts have gotten the most traffic, links, comments and feedback. And they’re our readers’ favorites. Enjoy.

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My Carb Pyramid

20 Jul

America: We’re #1 All Right

Nothing has changed. Yet. What do you think is the single most important change that must occur?

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20 Jul

More Buzz, Less Sting

And you love it. The most interesting news and tips this week from the world of health:

5 Best Diet Tips for Fighting Diabetes

We like that this article mentions magnesium’s important role in addressing diabetes. Wait, that makes the list sound dryer than a Triscuit. It’s a handy article from the Diet Blog, so check it out!

Does the Body Absorb 5 Pounds of Makeup a Year?

On the one hand: Women who use makeup (the average is 20 personal care products!) absorb several pounds of chemicals annually. We will all die! Cancer is coming! Go au natural! On the other: these are all approved chemicals shown to have little effect, and though we haven’t tested their combined effect on humans, scientists are well aware of the combined effects in general. Besides, men don’t wear makeup and their disease rates are similar to women’s. What say you, Apples?

Annia316 Flickr Photo (CC)

Healthy Living Makes You Live Longer!

We know. You’re so shocked. Try to contain yourself.

Obesity Pill Fuels Suicides

The FDA has banned an obesity drug used in Britain because of some very tragic side effects. Of 120 people participating in a clinical trial, 2 committed suicide and a third considered it.

Earl Flickr Photo (CC)

Crohn’s Disease: Finding the Culprit

Crohn’s Disease (chronic inflammation of the digestive tract) is a serious disease that affects 1 in 1000 Westerners. Scientists have now discovered that inflamed regions carry more of the bacteria e.coli. The bacteria, in turn, carry the genes related to many diseases including the bubonic plague. It may well be that Crohn’s “borrows” genes of other diseases. We’ll keep you posted.

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19 Jul

Now That’s Just Inflammatory!

Inflammation is a very normal and healthy bodily response to stress, infection, or injury. Unfortunately, prolonged inflammation brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle is a destructive force that affects your musculoskeletal health, gastrointestinal health, cardiovascular health, vision, and hormone regulation. It’s important to control inflammation (there are medications, of course) but it’s even wiser to prevent inflammation. You can do this through daily exercise, effective stress management, and avoidance of smoking and drinking. But there are many foods that help control inflammation, too. (Chicken nuggets – or rings – do not.) These foods are known as vegetables. Yes – vegetables can help your inflammation just like drugs can. But don’t tell anyone.

Here are the smartest vegetables for your pursuit of reducing your inflammation without popping pills nice things:


Lady Phoenixx 1999 Flickr Photo (CC)


Mewzii Flickr Photo (CC)


A Culinary Photo Journal Flickr Photo (CC)


Laurel Fan Flickr Photo (CC)

Bok choy

Ulterior Epicure Flickr Photo (CC)


Lucy Crosbie Flickr Photo (CC)


Rachel Andrew Flickr Photo (CC)


Harris Graber Flickr Photo (CC)


Alltrain43 Flickr Photo (CC)

Aim to eat one of these vegetables daily!

Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Le Source

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