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21 May

Tropicana to Sell Fishy Juice

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites

It’s a tasty catch.

Eve Was Smart; Go Fish

When pregnant women make it a point to consume apples and fish, their babies display a reduced risk of asthma and fungal infections. We’re thrilled about the apple news, naturally, but want to offer a word of caution on fish. Fish is healthy for a number of reasons – namely, it provides essential fatty acids that are lacking in the standard American diet. That said, some fish contain high levels of metal contaminants such as mercury, which is linked to autism and birth defects. The type of fish a pregnant woman chooses is very important. Wild Alaskan salmon, mackerel, sardines, Arctic cod and fish oil pills are good choices for Omega-3’s. Pregnant women should avoid shark, mahi mahi, Chilean sea bass, red snapper and other warm-water fishes.

Don’t these apples look delicious?


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Avandia Loses Its Luster

The type-2 diabetes drug Avandia causes a worrisome increase in heart attacks. Though GlaxoSmithKline has recently published a spate of rosy ads touting their commitment to prevention of diabetes through community programs and lifestyle changes, we’re willing to bet that they’re not excited about their blockbuster drug (generic name rosiglitazone) making the headlines for causing a spike in heart attacks. Check out what this doctor says about it (and wouldn’t it have been clever if the headline had read “Not So Rosi”?)

Oh, dear. Maybe someday we’ll figure out what causes type 2. Until then, follow Uncle Sam’s advice and make half your grains whole. That way, you’ll still have room in your daily diet for appeasing the food processing and soda lobbies the tasty products you love.

We Don’t Have an Opinion (We Know…Strange)

Okay, apples, we need your help with this one. Tropicana is releasing a new product in June: Omega-3-enhanced orange juice. On the one hand, orange juice is a high-sugar, fiberless beta cell battle waiting to happen. On the other, Americans guzzle OJ like it’s Christmas and they are sorely lacking in Omega-3’s. But, again, orange juice is brimming with pesticides. However, the omega-3’s that Tropicana is using are really, really high quality (filtered fish origin, DHA and EPA). But, like many foods enhanced with flaxseed or fish oil, we wonder if the flavor will fly. What do you think? Is this progress, or pandering?


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21 May

In Defense of Pranks

A Monday Moment

Actually, two moments.

First, Sara (a newly-minted Stumbleupon addict) “stumbled upon” this amusing prank-turned-art. Or, art-turned-prank. At any rate, in the grand tradition of such Monday Moments as Partying Is Healthy, this link got me mulling over my great and abiding love of mischief. Prankery is healthy (provided you don’t take it too far). Remember how much fun you had as a kid calling up the local five and dime and wreaking havoc? (Caller ID just had to ruin a good thing. What do kids do these days?) Or toilet-papering the home of the neighborhood curmudgeon?

I’m not advocating that you “T.P.” your neighbor’s house or regress to the intellectual equivalent of a spastic 12-year-old (perhaps a redundancy), but I am increasingly inclined to emphasize the tremendous health value of fun. I’m perfectly happy to discuss cardio, glucose or antioxidants, of course. But why do we really want to be healthy? Among other things, for pleasure and satisfaction. Longevity is meaningless without fun and fulfillment. So go party, and prank away.


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Second: Philosophical, humorous, and otherwise memorable quotes are a perennial favorite of just about everyone. I have a “quote of the day” set up on my RSS reader, and today’s – from Dave Barry – struck me as especially encouraging: Your friends love you anyway. That says it all (note to perfectionists). And, my two cents’ worth: if they don’t, just move on. Anyone worth your time will “get” you, and anyone who doesn’t get you isn’t worth your time. And, by the way, that’s actually okay; it’s not bad if someone doesn’t like you or get you. It just is.

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21 May

Weekly Health Challenge: Stop Tastebud Death

This week, save your waistline and your palate: avoid the take-out and restaurant fare.

If you typically go out to lunch, consider brown-bagging it. (Exception: if going out to lunch serves a healthy and important social function for you, just be sure to stick with sensible salads.)

If you order pizza for dinner or rely on too many ready-made meals – yes, Amy’s Kitchen still counts – this is the week to stop that habit. Treat yourself to meals you make yourself that are healthy and light. Making your own meals saves you cash, calories, and cr…well, you get the idea.

And as far as the 20 or 30 minutes it takes to cook? Switch your perspective. The time is not a drag – it’s a simple, forgotten way to decompress and relax after a stressful day at work.

The thing about many restaurant selections and ready-made foods is that they are relentlessly uniform in flavor. I know that the More Cowbell aspect of menu options these days (spice! sour! Asian! fusion!) makes it seem that there’s flavor, but in reality, many of these foods are just a tired combination of the same old salt, sugar and artificial flavors. Test this out for yourself. When you eat fresh, whole, simple foods for a week or two, you’ll quickly pick up on the manufactured, chemical tastes – and disturbing mouth sensations – of prepared foods.

In a nutshell, the reasons to make your own chow are many:

1. Cheaper.

2. No-brainer stress reliever after 9 hours with that co-worker.

3. Stops tastebud death.

4. Fewer calories.

5. Healthier: less sugar, trans fat and sodium.

Need recipe ideas? Check out Aaron’s “Healthy Tastes Great!” selections. ‘Cause it does.

Bring it on, Sisson: More Weekly Health Challenges

Best of MDA

18 May

Healthy Tastes Great!

Bass in Artichoke and Tomato Broth
provence pleasures

Since I’ve brought you a cardio blog and a diabetes blog from Kendra, today’s recipe is friendly to both your heart and your pancreas. Here’s a recipe that’s sweet to your body, but even better to your mouth!

18 May

A Blogger After Our Own Heart

logo logo

We really have to hand it to Kendra James of A Hearty Life and Diabetes Notes. With heart disease and diabetes leading the charts as preventable causes of death there couldn’t be two blogs addressing more pressing health concerns. From diet, exercise and prevention, to research, prescription drugs and the medical establishment, these blogs cover it all.

We love these sites so much we have asked Kendra to write some guest posts for the enjoyment and education of Mark’s Daily Apple readers. Keep an eye out for future posts and check out her sites in the meantime!

Check back later for a “Healthy Tastes Great!” recipe with your heart in mind.

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