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30 Apr

The Weekly Health Challenge

This week’s healthy challenge:

Eat lightly at all your evening meals this week.

Going to bed without feeling like a bumbling beluga has many wonderful health benefits, both immediate and long-term. Before you tackle yet another shoe-size burrito (what is it with those titanic burritos?), think about the health benefits of keeping your evenings on the lighter side:

- deeper, more restful sleep

- waking up hungry – and more ready for the day (a sign of a properly operating metabolism!)

- better…ahem…digestion

- proper production of hormones for sleep and health, including human growth hormone and melatonin

- it’s better for the environment, because you’re using less

- it’s better for you, because you’re not taxing your heart while you sleep

- over the course of several weeks, you’ll likely lose a coupla pounds

- eating lighter just makes you feel lighter!

Good evening meals I like include salads and steamed vegetable mixes. These fiber knock-outs are usually no more than 300 or so calories.

salad 1

This is Chatirygirl’s Flickr Photo

30 Apr

My Ever-Growing Blogroll

A friend alerted me that Technorati isn’t showing some of the links on my blogroll. Oops! Here’s the list (ever-growing). Sorry if anyone felt left out all this time!

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27 Apr

The Fuming Fuji Says…

Have a very healthy, fun weekend, Apples…or else!

27 Apr

Evolution of the Tagline

While it’s admittedly not health-related, I feel I must share with my readers the trials and tribulations of creating a blog tagline. It’s gotten to a point where it’s beginning to take a toll on my keyboard, so while no one’s health is being harmed in this painful process, I have to say, I really do miss the E, L, S, V, C and A keys.

This entire effort (cue trumpet: Ultimate Tagline), otherwise known as ongoing torture akin to being slowly kneaded to death by your daughter’s cat, has consumed more time than I care to admit. Tell a visitor, in four seconds, what your blog is about and why they ought to read it. Yes, friends, sit-up king Sisson of low-carb healthy living has been foiled by the quest for ten great words. Frankly, I’d rather go back to competing in Ironmans than face the task of writing the Ultimate Tagline.

The Bees, Lord bless ‘em, sensing my intensity – or maybe just desperation – even started a tagline wiki for all of us to generate a running list of ideas. At this point, I’m considering just making the tagline a hyperlink to the wiki. One of my Bees even took a Personal Day with the simple justification of “the tagline” before dejectedly shuffling home. That, with the lone tear, was too much. I promptly gave her a vacation and a raise.

I know it’s fine for a tagline to be matter-of-fact. Simple. Many blogs don’t even have taglines. But the challenge exists; therefore, I must hack it.

I present, for your consideration, perusal, and amusement, the evolution of the MDA tagline:

[really long list of "exciting!" adjectives] (No one can remember them.)
Better than bran muffins. (Oh, wait. Everything is better than bran muffins.)
It beats bran. (So does a pestle and mortar.)
Will blog for health. (MOTO.)
Putting the zing in amazing. (The only thing amazing about this is how lame it is.)
Shaking the tree is just the beginning. (…of a really bad tagline.)
Health doesn’t have to rock your world to shake your tree. (Focus group says: too Mae West!)
Doing my part to p*ss off the self-righteous health establishment! (Health establishment intact, valued viewers offended.)
Who got the juice? (I don’t even drink juice.)
Get the juice. (Again with the hypocrisy. Sisson, get it together, man!)
Do something right. (Such as penning a good tagline, for example.)
If you don’t love my blog, I’ll give you an apple. (This could get expensive. There’s the foodborne illness issue with which to contend.)
If you don’t love my blog, I’ll hit you with an apple. (Focus group says: too aggressive! I say: I think we can work with it.)
Juice. Pucker. Bite. Flavor. (Great. I’ve described an apple.)
Welcome to the Primal side of health. (Eden called: they want their archetype back.)
Join me in my crusade to take the boredom out of health! (Nearly 500 passionate subscribers now, but is this… crusadery enough?)
Doing my part to take the boredom out of health! (Revision of sentence structure does not an award-winning blog tagline make.)
Pith never tasted so good. (Oh, wait…pith never tasted good, period.)
Doing my part to create a better tagline. (Focus group says: refreshing honesty! I say: what am I paying you for?)

Any suggestions, Apples? I don’t really have a focus group, of course, but I do have all of you (much better, in my opinion). Your emails, suggestions and comments always make my day. So how about this: help me come up with a winner and I’ll give you a free month of the Damage Control Master Formula (Kryptonite free, naturally).

Although, what really needs damage control is that darn tagline. Sisson out.

What do you think? Gimme a shout at my new email: mdsisson1-at-gmail-dot-com. (The old one is fine, too, but I’m really liking Gmail.)

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27 Apr

Chocolate: Ruining a Good Thing

Like red wine and grass-fed steak, good-quality chocolate is one of those decadent treats that miraculously manages to be healthy (within reason, of course). Leave it to the food producers of America to mess up a good thing.

I just happened upon a terrific food processing news blog run by one Dean Best. He reports that Guittard, a fine chocolate maker, is trying to get consumers inspired to fight new regs that would allow milk substitutes and cheap vegetable oils in chocolate. The reason? African cocoa production is down, so rather than let profits suffer for a few quarters, food producers would rather give you a lesser product.

You see this all the time – toilet paper is famous for getting thinner and lower in quality as the prices continue to rise. There are hundreds of examples, but in general, sleazy companies desperate to keep profits up will either pass on the expense to the customer or reduce the product’s quality – or both – rather than finding other ways to cut costs. “Sleazy” might seem like a strong word, but it’s deserved.

Here’s an idea: make a product that’s so good, you can’t help but succeed. (Or, just keep blaming the marketing department.)

You loyal readers know I almost never mention my own supplement company, Primal Nutrition. For one thing, I believe the products speak for themselves. For another, the purpose of this blog is to provide an insightful, enjoyable health community, whether you’ve ever been a customer or not. But this time, I do have to say something about this entire issue of short-changing the consumer, because I’ve proven a company can be an ethical exception to the rule of sleaze. There’s just no excuse – period – for short-changing customers. In ten years, I’ve never raised prices on my signature product, the Damage Control Master Formula, despite major production cost increases. I regularly update the formula based on new research, and over the years, I’ve continuously increased the quality and value. I make less money, but the funny thing is, by putting customers first, Primal has continued to flourish – more than ever.

Don’t be messin’ with my chocolate!

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